Gastronmico Festival

This state if transforms into one of most attractive of the parents for who wants to eat well and to appreciate oque the high gastronomia has afereer in them, in all Brazil to go the Minas Gerais is synonymous to eat .com well says () One to it of more famous states for sheltering a vast alimentary culture are Minas Gerais. Beyond its history in the construction of the country, diverse historical cities and parties during all the year, the state is famous for its quitutes and typical plates. The feeding so is arraigada to the mining customs that are common to say that, if already it was for Minas Gerais and it never ate a bread of cheese or a milk candy spoon? moan to inform? you were not pra Mines in fact. Beyond the satiated table, Minas Gerais is a famous state for producing diverse manufactured marks of cachaa artisan, what a good one asked for who is appreciates this type of drink. Ahead of this fact it grows and very the ampresarios and traders of the branch of tourism of this region of the country that they invest in this form to attract the visitors who are ' ' tourism gastronmico' ' thus creating some events that the contemplation of the gastronomia has as objective, one of them is the JF flavor that makes possible to the visitor the access the true workmanships cousins of the gastronomia.

' ' The JF Flavor it is the Gastronmico Festival of Juiz De Fora and Region, organized for Abrasel JF. The gastronmico festival of recognized cultural importance for the region offers diverse possibilities of participation, a time that if subdivides in some parallel events, with great repercussion in the city and the outskirts. By September October JF Flavor takes account of Juiz De Fora. They are on average 40 days of special prescriptions with the charm of the mining kitchen, workshops with heads and famous professionals, cultural activities, thematic drawings, festivals of cachaa and wines, suppers, a infinity of attractions for that to appreciate the art of the good gastronomia.