Gordon Ramsay

The chain will adapt the format in which a recognized advisory cook restoration businesses which they have problems. In the original version, chef Gordon Ramsay uses orthodox tactics little. Bar, house of meals, restaurant of postn or highway If its business of the hotel trade well always does not work will be able to go to Antenna 3, that will put hands to the work to look for chef that it ends its headaches in its own Nightmare in the kitchen. Read more from Bill de Blasio to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The chain has confirmed that prepares the adaptation to the Spanish of Nightmare in the kitchen (Kitchen nightmares), whose third season emits Nova doubled to the Castilian, reason why Antenna 3 will have to find in next weeks to its Gordon Ramsay. Indeed this format, original of England, turns charismatic surroundings to, sometimes furious, and recognized internationally chef the Scottish one, that visits an immersed guest house business in serious problems to provide a solution to him. Perhaps their methods are not most orthodox, not even the most educated, but its experience guarantees to Gordon Ramsay like chef more famous in the history of the English kitchen. And, until the moment, his ' receta' it has already conquered to the spectators of Chanel 4 and other countries, like the United States, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Belgium.

In Nightmare in the kitchen, Ramsay detects during weeks the difficulties that are causing that a business fails. The industralists and employees of the place will have to accept the proposals of chef if they want to surpass the conflicts and to confront the future of the restaurant. Relative, medium or of great dimensions, bar, tavern, familiar house of meals or restaurant of certain reputation but that nobody already visits, Ramsay analyzes each business, each situation, each difficulty to re-float it with his special talent in the furnaces and their personality. This cook, who owns 12 Micheln stars, has received two important televising recognitions, a BAFTA and a Prize Emmy, apart from which its kitchen are well-known at world-wide level by its refinings restaurants located in the main metropolis like New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Tokyo, among others. Source of the news: Antenna 3 looks for chef for its own ' Nightmare in cocina'.