Difficult it had to be! that gathering a group of Spaniards could reach a consensus where all earned and all lost. Difficult it had to be!. But heroics have for many centuries but what really makes history, is not a law, or a heroic act, but perseverance and work of conserving attitudes that lead us forward, since it is one of the most arduous jobs that are known, also done by adding all those small and anonymous heroic acts. It was a commitment to freedom, a commitment to diversity, a commitment to equality!. But where have you been all this?. Difficult to explain, but it seems that now is starting to alarm lights on and begin to look with suspicion, to those minorities who have been in power and that gradually have gone implanting your particular plan of re-education to citizenship in order to make us not second-class citizens, no, but on servers and clients of its tenets. Who dares to say to those Spaniards of the? does consensus?, that over the years, a small group of savvy would scrutinize the fine print of the consensus and through his spirit would take advantage to stay in power for many years in these small taifa kingdoms that have been formed.

Who would think about it?. Perhaps the alarms are already powered, not by relief that this suffering our country abroad, nor by the Government steamroller that is trampling some that another constitutional guarantee, but by watching with amazement what is happening to the other side of the pond, where recent democratic systems are being transformed into dictatorships, without possibility of having freedom, diversity, nor equality (goodequality may be for the party). If the consensus of 78 aspire to all Spanish citizens could live on the pillars of freedom, equality and diversity. Now, having regard to what is happening on the other side of the pond and seen the multiple taifa kingdoms that will flourish throughout the Spanish territory and seen there is no pillar worth to hold this reality. It seems that some have woken up and have renounced servitude and cronyism which has fostered since the multiple kingdoms of taifas. And perhaps, are still in time to put things where they should be. I’m not over work to write about the Chronicle of this awakening, its effects, but I still with a contained emotion those writings that speak among other things:-rebuild what has been destroyed. -restore the consensus of 78, which did emerge in our democratic system. -eliminate the incisors that make to constantly question the distribution of power, between the regional institutions and the State – correct current dysfunctions, uniquely in the areas of education, taxation, and organization of the territory. -adopt representation rules that favour the commitment of politicians with the citizens. #links original author and source of the article