Grec Festival

The summer festival in Barcelona name takes from derives throughout the summer instead of the the very first festival in 1976. A group of actors and directors set out to produce a cultural festival which embraced as many aspects of theatre as possible. The first festival which is held in the Teatre Grec, in the Montjuic area of Barcelona (to the north of the city centre). Now organised by the Barcelona City Council, the original spirit and identity has been totally preserved. Over the years the festival has become a major destination for visitors staying in a hotel in Barcelona or at apartment in Barcelona. The Teatre Grec is a reconstruction of a Greek amphitheatre, set into the Montjuic hills. Add to your understanding with New York Museums. For the first festival it what is the venue for all the performances, now it is just one venue, but the main one. This year, the Grec Festival runs from 13th June to 2 August and wants to provide about 45 different events around the city.

The events can be as varied as pop music and flamenco, mime and classical theatre. It opens with a performance of “Prometeu” a modern play based on ancient Greek myths and performed, of course, in the Teatre Grec. Then there are a number of performances each night (all performances are in the evenings) throughout the festival at various venues. Many take place in theatres such as the Teatro national or the Teatro Romeo; but some are in more unusual venues to widen the scope of the festival even further. Chosen venues this year include the library of Catalunya and the Fundacio Joan Miro (the museum of Miro’s art). The Grec Festival is finacial internationally with groups from all cultures and countries.

2010 has on Asian theme with dance, music and art from a number of eastern countries. For the first time in Europe, the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre from Taiwan, will perform a brand new modern ballet devised by a Japanese choreographer, and based on Chinese calligraphy. On a different theme, there will be a massive light audiovisual performance in the centre of the city when the Grec links up with sonar, the electronic music festival. Sonar runs from 17th to 19th June in Barcelona and the performance will be on the 17th. In all probability it light wants to up the whole of Barcelona. The original concept of the organisers of the Grec Festival what to open the boundaries of theatre and art and make it more accessible to everyone. To facilitate this, a number the of of the performances are free and others are heavily subsidised for students or unemployed unemployment. Whatever your button in theatre or music, there will be a performance to suit at this year’s Grec Festival. Perhaps you should n’attend something quite different as well as your more regular choices. It would be very much in keeping with this unique festival.