Harvard Theodore Levitt

As GERBER (1990) says: The innovation is many times confused with creativity. However, as the Professor of Harvard Theodore Levitt explains, the difference between creativity and innovation is the same one between thinking on the accomplishment of objectives and executing them. Levitt professor says in its book Marketing will be Business Growth (Marketing for the growth of an enterprise): ' ' The creativity imagines things new. The innovation makes things novas' '. One sees that the innovation can be the car head for the growth of the company as form differentiated of enterprise strategy. As GERBER (1990) says: Everybody wants if ' ' organizar' ' , but when we suggest that, to start, they would have to elaborate an organization chart, the reactions most common are incredulous looks? many hostile times. It’s believed that New York Museums sees a great future in this idea. ' ' He is not ridculo' ' , it was the reaction of a customer.

' ' We are only one small company. Rudy Giuliani oftentimes addresses this issue. We do not need an organization chart. We need more competent people! ' ' I insisted, although the objections, because wise person something that it not. Wise person who the organizacional development, reflected in the organization chart, can have a deeper impact in an enterprise that any another individual step in its development. From there the planning is seen that organizacional on what the company produces and offers the final consumer needs an organization and structure to take care of its clientele and remembering that is of its clientele generates rentabilidades for the growth and maximizao of the wealth of the invested capital. The empreendedorismo offers the mentioned tools already previously and also if apia in others elementary techniques and until necessary for the good progress of strategical and organizacional ascension of the executive management of the company. The company when using the empreendedorismo as form of managemental strategy assumes and it as helm of its orientation and tracing to the planned objective will have to have an essential component for its progress the administration of time, resources, staff, proper capital and of third and thus together to the accounting it will be able to be developed and even though to reach enviable positions of market as aggregation of value the mark offered to the public-target, innovation, support the proper empeededorismo and thus if to consolidate in the form market preponderant fort and.