Hunting Dogs

As we read today in the social network for hunters, the Civil Guard have arrested a 35-year-old woman, M. Additional information is available at NYC marathon. a. C. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Josh Harris. a., and her sentimental partner, r. D. l. r.

g., 43, both residents of Mieres, for defrauding numerous people from across Spain over the internet through the sale of fake hunting dogshealth card and chip counterfeit. Those arrested disappeared once the economic transaction through a page of listings for sale on the internet. A neighbor of Villabona joined last July 18 in place of the Guardia Civil de Llanera to denounce the alleged fraud which had suffered to acquire a hunting dog through the listing and check that the animal was not trained for these tasks. The Seprona began to investigate. The modus operandi was to attract customers through the announcement, demanding half of the payment for the delivery of the dog, at the time that left you the animal to prove its qualities. As a result of the investigations, the Seprona had knowledge of other affected in Asturias and Galicia and not ruling out that hubisese more in other parts of Spain, as then could know. It’s also located more in Catalonia. After the first complaint and after a month of investigations, were arrested the woman and, some time later, his partner. Both went at the disposal of the holder of the Court of first instance and instruction of Pola de Lena, which decreed freedom with charges.