International Guitar Festival

In Cordoba there two equal months. As well as its cultural diversity is immense, its festivals and popular traditions invite us to walk around every corner enjoying and participating in any event, since the most singular like SERENADES to the globally known as the International Guitar Festival. January, with Christmas still present and February with the celebration of Carnival, present us a year full of activities not to be missed. Halfway between the months of March and April is Easter, a week in which residents and visitors launched into the street to share the fervor or simply admire the images and processional steps. SERENADES, pilgrimages and the battle of flowers inaugurated the most festive month of the city: May. We started with the traditional feast of la Cruz de Mayo. Squares and squares are filled with lanterns and mounted crosses made with carnations, tissue paper or some other lathe and original material to them dances, sings, and baby.

After las cruces comes the Festival of Patios and balconies and railings contest. The old courtyards of neighbors are filled with pots and balconies fall bouquets of flowers that adorn and give color to the streets. And to finish the month the Nuestra Senora de la Salud fair is held in the grounds of el Arenal. They are nearly ten days of celebration and fun for all ages in the booths as well as street of hell. June is the month most flamenco and in July meet in Cordoba renowned artists in the International Festival of the guitar. Summer is a time that evening out prevail over the diurnal. The film in the light of the Moon or the nights in the botanical garden are alternative chilly for the summer months. In September, with something more mild temperatures, it opens its doors the Festival of Eutopia, which is followed by the Cosmopoetica.

In November the last warm rays of the Sun invites us to stroll through the streets of the old quarter and sit at the little sun on a terrace. December announces the arrival of Christmas, reunions with friends and family and a host of leisure activities both for children and for the not so young. No doubt in Cordoba are all a cultural sign that will make us enjoy not only the city, but it will make us partakers of its atmosphere, its people.