Internet Business

Allow myself to talk about this based on my own experience. I started this business nearly more than a year ago, when the circumstances will have lost their jobs and was “on the street.” Work I could not be found, and that’s when I decided to start their own businesses. In the choice of the constant use of the Internet has helped. That’s where I found an offer from a company that provides site building services, to become their regional representative. Guaranteed salary is not promised. Guaranteed only a percentage of sales, which was formed by the difference in prices for client and for me. As the saying goes, “as stamped and burst.” I agreed to these terms.

To convey my offer to potential clients, I used the standard methods of advertising, namely, filed ads in the newspapers for 1 month. Spending money at the same time, I have not received any orders. That day I became an expert seller of these services and I understand that if I have not had a chance to get yourself at least one client such methods. I did not have “name”, the office’s own portfolio. And I was trying to compete with well-known companies in our city, using their methods. Read additional details here: Danny Meyer. After waiting a month, I realized that I’m doing something wrong. Tried other types of advertising, but there has failed.

Then I began to call himself to potential clients. An appointment. And in private conversation told in great detail about who I collaborate with someone, and that offer. Since my prices were slightly lower than the competition, I managed to find its first customers, but it was only after three months of trial and error. Now I work mainly on recommendations from the only former clients, and sometimes do my calls to organizations that, in my opinion, need my services. Declan Kelly insists that this is the case. Thus, those who want to organize this business, I can give some advice. 1.Vkladyvayte as little as possible, “the first couple.” This will allow you reduce financial risks. 2.Do not rely on mass advertising, as she enjoyed your competitors, but in the beginning of his career you will look less favorably than they do. 3.Ne lazy and do not be afraid to go to the contact with those who can be your customer. 4.Vedite reasonable pricing. Your prices should be lower than the competition. 5.Vsegda to address specific customer needs. You must show him that your proposal will bring him concrete material benefits. Thus, the idea of creating such a business has very good prospects. Lucrative business creates virtually “from scratch” without the cost of funds and over time brings substantial income.