Jean Baudrillard Films

If the Transformation is " a graphical representation, generally humana" , then, which has been the real transformation of EE.UU., when invading Iraq and Afghanistan, but first Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, always happening of the internetiano entertainment to the military unfolding in a game of being able of users and damages human collaterals, and if no, what represents that The Hurt Locker stops to deactivate to the transformation that was transformed into enemy in an invaded and seeded other people’s earth by of flying pumps of bodies, tanks and legs? Yes or it is not the reality virtualized from internetiana engineering to make in the real life of soldiers or North American Marins those ups and downs possible that must lower the enemy to justify the economic cost with the human risk of a militarized pacification? Yes, it is well, Avatar and The Hurt Locker, is nothing else two films. If, two films done from the mind and the body of Hollywood, the greatest industry of the entertainment along with the industry of arms in the world. It is possible, also, that from the traumatic experience of the military defeat in Vietnam, the prrico triumph in the Gulf War, the capture and the hanging of Hussein, the desert in Baghdad is the forest of Transformation, two cinematographic ways to transpose or against the evil, against the axes of the evil, where the Marins always leave alive or dead heroically in the real life like in the cinema. The mind and the body of Hollywood are the America of the test written by Jean Baudrillard, del that I mention the following thing: " The Americans, like everybody, do not have spirits to ask themselves if they create or not in the merits of its leaders or the reality of the power. That would take to them too much far. .