Karlsruhe YellowMap AG

Oliver home dedicated to a focus on marketing in Berlin, March 25, 2010: in its annual spring meeting, the vft has Association free phone book publisher e.V. – in Frankfurt newly elected its Board and intensively discussed the further proceedings in connection with Deutsche Telekom to the data set costs. At the conclusion of the meeting, the General Assembly chose the Board of Directors. Confirmed in Office for a further two years was as Chairman Heiko Hanslik, Managing Director of the Saarbrucker Zeitung “TeleMedia” phone book publisher. Hagi holds this position already since 2002 was no change it even when Gerhard Ulmer, Ludwigsburg, Managing Director of regional phone book publisher. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bill de Blasio offers on the topic.. Ulmer of the Board also serves as Treasurer.

Newly elected to the Board of Directors was Oliver home, Member of the Executive Board at the Karlsruhe YellowMap AG. Home assumes, inter alia, the role of the Secretary on the Board of Directors of vft and will dedicate itself to a focus on marketing/external representation. During the meeting of the Association, it was considered the central theme Discussion about the new data set cost of Deutsche Telekom. Telekom had terminated the treaties all customers of their data holdings from participant data to February 28, 2010 and presented new acceptance conditions. These are not entirely according to the Association in accordance with the current legislation and would be threaten by a massive increase in the cost of some members of the Association.

Decisions on the further course of action, as well as first results are expected in the next few weeks. “The strength and tasks of our Association was founded in the year 2000 reflected in this discussion”, Heiko Hanslik reported. “Our members have often similar challenges to cope with in the course of their activities, are located in the same market, not unrelated but usually the competition. This results in the ability to develop together important themes and to achieve goals, which are for individual high hurdles in the community.