Power and people are forced from desperation to coexist, being careful not to disturb each other to live, having concluded a tacit social contract. Contradiction, of course, affected, but they are not antagonistic, and the maximum of their manifestation can be described by the term "mutual irritation. " Each party wants to "grab" for himself, as they say, "his blood" to provide for their own benefit from the public domain. But while it is limited to appeals for respect, so-called "Social behavior". In Uralsk, for example, neither the authorities nor the common people do not stop to eat fish, sturgeon poaching on both sides there is widespread, but so far these differences are limited defiantly open fishing elite and the "underground", but much more widespread poaching simple local population with a great historical experience of the "theft" red fish "the king's table." Except Moreover, for a modern, intelligent, successful, sociable young generation who wants to live a decent life, but after many unsuccessful and unsuccessful attempts to build a European society in Kazakhstan, disappointed in Thus, there are two ways out of this situation. The most "advanced" and not deprived of property under section nationwide, just go to the West and influence the ongoing processes of post-Soviet space, they can only indirectly, and are not discussed in this article. Others in this category of people who do not have the initial capital, create their own individual world, which nepodvlasten Kazakh reality. From the state needed only a minimum of restrictions, the relative safety, lack of periodic bans travel abroad, free Internet access, etc.