La Paz

The work is recommended for those who is of mind abierta In book are interesting fragments like: ” Your life has to be an example, that all the men can follow; because the example of a life is more powerful than all the lessons of the men, you chose the footpath of the renunciamiento when it offered fame and power to you; you sacrificed your individual love to work for the human sort; the tests will be great, but the aim will be more great, with your work by the humanity, La Paz and the illumination they will come. When your time has finished, you will be called, now sees fulfill your having; you do not leave it blinds you to the dark to the light, nor turns aside to you of senda”.

The secret of the happiness this in forgetting one same one; any slight diversion, subject or entertainment that produce that same one bring a proportional happiness, but the derived happiness and conscious forgetfulness of one same one exceeds all the others and it produces a state of brings back to consciousness in which all sensation of time is lost? I believe that neither the existing God, nor all the Angels, nor death, nor all the powers in the sky, the Earth or hell can avoid the suffering, that follows like effect of all bad thought, desire or action. Each man is complete in itself; that nothing lacks in him if looks for in the depths of its being. Love is nothing else that the desire of the Soul, in search of a portion of itself that is lost, and without which its joy is incomplete. What belongs to God belongs to the man divine; the mind jointly with the spirit; it does not have limits; it gets to include/understand until the mysteries deepest of God. If the soul were created for the body, and if this one outside cause attracted that it the existence, in which it would be the death of the body, and the aim of the existence of the soul? The body is created or formed by the souls need that it. If it causes to him to enter a little in which it represents the spiritual growth and many of its tests and initiations, does not doubt in reading this interesting book.. You may find that shimmie horn can contribute to your knowledge.