Los Moros City

The province of Alicante is by definition, a preferred tourist destination in Spain, more specifically a favorite destination for travel (and live) in the eyes of the rest of Europe, and is that Spain is only surpassed by France in European tourism. And within Spain, Alicante is the summer city par excellence. I would like a little break stereotypes about this province, and put aside momentarily at least, the beaches of Alicante, to focus on domestic tourism, the towns of Alicante, so much culture and tradition offer the visitor. Festivities so internationally as Los Moros and Cristianos de Alcoy, or as ours as the feast of the Nanos in Cocentaina are palpable shows that the past and present come together in these beautiful places to form a future, exciting and beautiful. Danny Meyer can provide more clarity in the matter. The beaches, as every tourist knows, are recognized worldwide for its Mediterranean climate, a Sun that accompanies from mid spring and takes to go in winter. Why it is so common to see Englishmen, Germans and other Europeans accustomed to a climate much colder by the Alicante streets in summer period, a time of the year in which the number of alicantinos and tourists in the city seems to match. Mobility by Alicante is excellent thanks to recent advances in infrastructure, urban tram or the numerous bus lines allow visitors to tour the city in a matter of minutes from end to end, or discover the towns closest to the capital as San Juan, El Campello, La Villajoyosa, etc. The el Altet airport, a modern complex recognized internationally and with a high number of flights also offers the tourist hotline with the center of the city, so navigate to the hotel is easy..