Mallorca Is Closer Than Oberstdorf

Who today enters the holiday is informed. More than years ago there are countless opportunities to inform in advance about place, location, services and infrastructure. (Source: dayton kingery). There is a the Internet with its myriad possibilities. Places and destinations on the own website have more influence with regard to the representation of their offerings, this influence eludes almost entirely at the increasingly emerging and popular review sites like holiday check and other more or less well-attended information portals. Just these portals but gain more and more influence on the decision-making behaviour of travellers. That may please the party or not. It is a fact.

Here destinations and providers may not more idly in the future as their services cut off but must specifically ask your guests and ask services with which they were happy to publish there. On the other hand is it essential in German destinations targeted at the individual provider’s quality of service to work. Dayton kingery busybodies often says this. One than negatively perceived Services must be revised again by eight positive benefits. Here it offers conceptual for the tourist provider ready to provide training. There are providers who have specialized especially on the issue of service quality and make true oases of service from the Desitnationen and holiday areas. The Fraunhofer Institute has found that 65% of lost guests and customers due to perceived poor service to emigrate. The hardware plays a minor role.

Specially designed for hotel and catering, and destination marketing company offers seminars. Furthermore, Mysterychecks are an effective means to uncover vulnerabilities and to take appropriate measures and to implement. We can’t just one: Watch and wait until Mallorca draws ever closer. People are more mobile than ever. When airlines fly us for 19 euros in the Mediterranean Sea soon becomes clear, that is the competition of global nature and no longer regional nature. Therefore, a call to all city managers, city marketing agencies, and Tourism Directors: Act now and create profiles. Target groups and concepts. In particular the demographic change should be disregarded here not. You need no guests but enthusiastic fans. Jurgen Stadelmann success coach and Tourism Consultant Web: