Mara Kayser – Current Album

Mara Kayser – current album “What you waiting for?” With their album what you waiting for?”she shows so unvarnished and clear as never before. When the first notes, the senses immediately on attention, because her voice, which is times soft and caressing, times clear and demanding and then insistent and compassionate, takes the listener on their own personal journey. Kulisek pictures full of emotion, because the music is totally tailored to her vocal strength, again completely fills its place. Mara Kayser summarizes their personal stories: I remember and say thank you. I’m going to drop the curtain, although I don’t know whether tomorrow everything will be better, if it is different.

I wonder what happens if my love is not enough and whether I can ever let go the last Kiss. I resist the temptation in the encounter with a beautiful, married man and am glad to visit familiar places, while my melancholy brings me to dream. I have a crush of a man, the in my life is the first and the last, who loves me and leave me never more alone. Although he is not yet within reach, I know that everything is good as it is.” “German pop hits in its purest form, it’s what you are waiting for us what?” to the hearing are. It would be too easy to call Mara Kayser, the ballad Queen of the German Schlager.

There’s more behind. It is the incessant will to take her fans. It embodies as hardly any other artfully arranged pop and pop songs with long term warranty in a fast-moving times. The music, the lyrics, and the resulting images make this album a work of art. It is a continuous development of not only the texts, which she writes since four albums themselves, but also the music, representing her feeling more and more. There are a few artists in show business, who are blessed with so many talents such as Mara Kayser. The words, the images and the music are one and the songs clearly have hit qualities without having to jump it boldly in the face. Already the first title If the sky splits”impresses not only through the images, but also by the powerful arrangement and ultimately the interpretation. “” With titles such as: he’s back “and hey handsome man” again absolutely suitable for the format, hit suspicious singles succeed Wolfgang Herrmann and Mara Kayser. By deep ballads to the welcoming dance “four-on-the-floor” numbers to everything is included, invites you to an entertaining stay. Large-scale orchestral arrangements reminiscent of great cinema”. Groovy rock guitars and drums leave the feet swing and easy going music”the serenity of life breath. Maras lyrics were always something very special in the Schlager scene. So, you can feel their profundity but also the joy of their life in this production. Without seeing philosophically over the edge of the glasses, each of their rows gives life experience without the claim to have to teach. The ballads make but as always at Mara Kayser the glamour and charm of this album. The last Kiss,”remember” and also “the Duet with Wolfgang Herrmann never more alone” are highlights of the album. You can deny is hardly the stories linking it thus. If emotion has a name, this is Mara Kayser. makY records, Steinberg str. 18, 83703 GMUND am Tegernsee more info on: to order in Mara Kaysers online shop: contact: Catarina Althoff, Abbey box 7, 59069 Hamm – Rhynern,