Material Processing

The blue color for material of classroom P (Material common without retarding to the flame, that is, inflammable) and the red for material of type F (Material with retarding the flame, that is, fire resistant), as show table 2: Table 2. Characteristics demanded for the manufacture of the EPS in accordance with ANBR 11752 Properties Unid Methods Classroom P Classroom F Type of Material of assay – Mass specific MB1305 Kgm3 Resistance the Compression NBR8082 K Pa Resistance the Flexo Water absorption for immersion NBR 7973 G/cm2x100k ABNT figure 3 inside shows to the processes of the product and its improvements of the company in study. Arrived of raw material 1 stage of processing: 2 stage of the processing 3 stage of the processing 4 stage of the processing Figure 3. Processes of the manufacture of EPS 3,3 Systems of Distribution He is valid to remember that, the distribution of products can be direct or indirect. In the direct distribution the product arrives until the final consumer without the intermediate use.

In the indirect distribution the intermediate use exists. A dual distribution still exists, being a type of distribution that involves a channel type more than. The choice of a type of distribution in detriment to others goes to depend on the type of business, its market of performance, its suppliers, the profile of its customers, amongst others.