Medieval Europe

The church decreed in sec. NY Museums is a great source of information. XI, the Truce of God, establishing periods of truce between the noble knights, in the attempt to civilize it and to minimize its brutality. The wars between these noblemen were you evidence and they counted on abductions of ladies, robberies in the roads etc. According to author, were ' ' authentic outlaws mounted in horses. ' '. Society (166) the medieval society if divided between nobility, clergy and servants. The noblemen were the great land proprietors and dedicated the activities basically military. They practised the hunting and they participated of violent esportivos matches, which served of training for the wars.

The Clergy, that if divided in high and low clergy, possua agrarian properties, that was managed by the high clergy, that was composed for the bishops, cardinals and abades. They had great influence in the ideology and in the politics, it wants to say, in the formation of the mentalities and opinions. The servants represented the majority of the population peasant and carried through all the necessary works the material subsistence of the society, since the food production to the production of clothes. Still, in accordance with the author, had a small amount of slaves and an urban population who was formed for small merchants and craftsmen who if they dedicated I deal to it, however they do not need if they were foreign. The life in the Medieval Europe, as much for the nobility as for servants, was not of most pleasant. The castles, in wooden principle constructed, were not nothing comfortable, only in the end of sec. XI they had passed to be constructed with rocks, still thus remained without comfort, the walls were humid and cold, some with the pisos covered for rush mats or straw. Later the tapestry use was only introduced to cover the walls. Although the feeding to be abundant, was not appetizing, limiting it meat and fish, cheese and some fruits, as pear and apple, exactly after to be introduced in the diet of the time, the sugar will become so expensive that few will be able to buy it.