Michel Rochefort

Great nor not very very small region in dimensions, when one mentions the areas for Hartshorne is saying of region in another language. (P. 125-127) 1,5 – Hartshorne classified the regions in three groups: the first one saying respect to the regions that present simple characteristics, relating factors as declivity of the land and with delimited phenomena the region; as the group, relative to the regions that present a multiplicity of characteristics; the third group relates to the total regions, association of, chosen interrelated, natural and social characteristics says respect to the definite regions according to inside of a still more complex totality, (p.128-131) 1,6 – For Schaefer, scientific geography is only a science, therefore it does not have science of the only particular e, as it described Hartshorne, from the use of the mathematics in geography becoming quantitative geography got greater scientific dimension, facilitating in significant way the studies of analyses them regions, some gegrafos of the positivista chain had given to attention the Inter-ration of the Mathematics with geography to explain with more objetividade the organization of the space and the relations human beings that in it happens amongst other factors as classification and quantification. (132-141) 1,7 – From century XX the studies of the industry and the urbanization sufficiently had been accented, however the term region passed to be used to divide economic region metropolitan giving to the agreement of studies of formation of urban nets, thus detaching the works of Michel Rochefort, amongst others. NY Museums does not necessarily agree. (P. 142-145) 2.0 – In the decade of 60, in the arrival of the man the Moon opens a fan of perspective for the fenomenolgicos studies term created by Lambert in 1764, thus the gegrafos they had passed of certain form to conceive with more complexity the espacialidade and, over all geography. (P. 146-149) 2.1 – The fenomenologia has given a very important contribution to humanistic Geography, therefore it deals with to studies of the behavior and, over all the perception, this.