Mickey Mouse

Decorative laces on the sides, stick in the form of flower, contrasting white hat and Mickey Mouse – all this creates the mood of the owner bags. The classic combination of black and white makes the bag versatile, while the application – is the most pleasant, a few avant-garde piece that marks a thing of the like. If problems arise, a cartoon character to prefer – there is an excellent solution. Junior bag with all the characters at once! Bag again features a familiar, very harmonious shape and color combination. On a white background have settled all the most famous and beloved Cartoons. Snow White, Lion King, Donald Duck and many others. With all this diversity, the bag does not look clumsy or screaming. All parts are balanced, and the thing looks cool and modern.

For the brave girls, Disney Couture released more vivid and remarkable bag, as with Mickey Mouse, but this time the company he is his friend – Minnie. Bag is made of skin, gray melange. In addition to the keychain in the shape of a flower, it is added another element – decorative zippers. This gives it a very modern, fresh look. Bag is clearly aimed at younger buyers and fans of the brand.

Will be combined perfectly with jeans and T-shirts, playing the role of a fashion accent. Must mention the application – Mini and Mickey, in color, combined with each other and skirt suit – looks just fine. Another very unusual handbag is made from pieces of leather raznofakturnyh. All the pieces of different prints that mimic the skin of animals. Despite the seeming different-sized – they are perfectly combined with each other. Complementing all this is, of course applique with Mickey Mouse. Incredibly stylish bag youth, reflecting the latest trends. Junior bag with a strap over his shoulder – the format Messenger Messenger bag, she's postbag or courier bag. This is a bag with a strap over his shoulder. In United States they are often used bicycle couriers, but in recent years, these bags have become a cult object of urban fashion. This model was a very long time – a bag used by more carriers in the 19th century, even the postman now Royal Mail UK are using these bags. The design of modern bags of this type was created in 50 years a small company De Martini Globe Canvas. It was a small family business in New York, where bags were created by hand.