Minimalist Decoration

It is a tendency that articulates pure lines, basic geometric forms and neutral colors, in an atmosphere with balance and harmony. It has its origin in the decade of the 60, in New York, with the movement of the minimum and geometric art, in the visual arts. In the architecture, it is born as it contrasts to the recharged decoration of the 80, in Italy; and it is the counterpart to the Latin spirit, very passional and sanguineous. The minimalist decoration, is nourished of the pure, simple forms, playing with its volumes, their illumination and its surfaces. Some authors, try to define to this type of decoration like ” Deco silencio” , since of his lines it emanates a species of relaxation sensation and simpleza. As far as the color, habitually it uses a phantom that goes from the target, the crude ones to the toastings and the black, with subtle I touch of color in some accessory, that must be studied with care. They are not used in the textiles, designs very worked nor reasons for flowers, only smooth colors in range with the atmosphere and playing with the finished ones and textures. With respect to the materials, a infaltable is the wood, as much in floors, as movable, the favourite wood are: there is, pear tree, and cherry tree and darkest like wenge.

Also rustic materials like blocks, smoothed, venecita cement, and stones are used. In textiles, the rural fabrics in color are preferred ivory, and textures like the linen, or lonetas. For the very simple curtains, lines; Romans, to roller, cellular or absence of them. Few pictures in monochrome with wood marks of the same style. There are many and different variants from the minimalismo, with a touch more or less Eastern, or more or less Scandinavian.