Money Loses Value – And The Steady

One expected for silver in the next few years an enormous increase in value economic crisis, inflation and sovereign default have it made clear: the money loses its value and it steadily. The current inflation rate is – 3.0% and above all the current example of the bankruptcy of Greece of course raises the question after the eventual value of the money. So far the General citizens has applied his money in life insurance, savings or shares, whose interest rates and yields but sinking. Of course you can feel that the own rate of return with 2,0%p.a. in the cut is very good there. If you are now however considering that the inflation rate is – 3.0% only – 1.0% remain of this return and the taxes are not deducted. So this balances loses value. So what would be close to the money values to the property? Precious metals such as silver and gold have proven themselves for millennia as a means of payment and investments while the purchasing power of money decreases.

In 2002, it was after the Euro changeover for 100,000 DM exactly 51.129. Today is the purchasing power of these formerly 51.129 only at 37.836. However, the value of precious metals is increasing rather than reducing and the purchasing power of this value is preserved. In the year 2001 the gold price for one ounce, was so 31, 1 g, approximately $210. In the year 2011 is the gold value to approximately $1600 per ounce has increased. Probation and appreciation are so definitely arguments for the investment in physical precious metals.

The gold that was uncovered 2000 years ago exists today and silver inventories are scarce. The demand will increase and consequently the value. In addition, tangible assets such as physical precious metals are an inflation-protected system. source of information. In the precious metals decides still by supply and demand while just keep printing paper money is without a corresponding reserve for that there would be, as there is no longer the so-called gold standard.