Motorcycles JAWA

# So, the engine stalled. We eliminate mechanical failure, they are not so frequent, in addition, preceded by certain symptoms – gnashing, stroke, etc., make it easier to determine the cause of failure. # Let us recall that in our case was preceded by stop. If directly in front of her engine "lost traction, puffed, began to work intermittently, perhaps, something blocked the inlet air filter. It may be, for example, cloths rag left under saddle.

In this case it is useful to remove this rag close benzokran, let the engine and only then open the faucet. # Check whether the fuse is safe (if warning lights are lit, there is a beep) is not disconnected if which of the battery terminals. Carefully inspect all elements of the circuit: Battery – central switch – breaker – ignition coil. If a fuse blows, turn the circuit instead of fuse, electric lamp, which should be lit. Then switch off the ignition sequence turn off all circuits on the ignition. As soon as the disconnect that circuit, where the short-circuited, the bulb quenched.

If the fuse is intact, you can start by checking the spark. Remove the candle tip, insert a piece of wire, and by bringing it to the "mass" of 5-10 mm and turning the ignition, press the Kick. An intact connection between electrode spark should appear spark. If not, remove the spark plug, cleaned of soot and vvernuv in place, try to let the engine. (Preferably immediately replace a known good spark). # If you still sparks between wire and the "weight" is not, remove the tip, and without it to determine whether a spark to the "masses" with the high voltage wires. If there is a spark, check out the tip. If not, look for a defect in the high-voltage wire. Remove it from the ignition coil, replace the piece of wire and then check whether there is a spark by bringing the wire at 10.5 mm to the "masses" and at the same time turning the crankshaft. # If still no spark, probably out of order an ignition coil or faulty circuit before. Check that the mains power in the primary winding of the coil, can, using the same lamp, instead of including it coils. Take a look at the interrupter contacts. If on opening between slips strong spark, we can say with confidence that the sample capacitor. And the coil and a capacitor can only replace a known working. # If this is all right, you can go back to the power supply system and now blow carburetor jets and channels. In most cases, at some point in this verification problem will certainly be revealed. # Most faults are faults in a motorcycle engine running. Each damage to meet the inherent characteristic features, which are easy to identify. In normal operation of the engine have to deal with failures in the carburetor or the ignition system.