Muslim Development

Excerpt from the lecture of the 3 Shah Nematollah Vali Symposium in Seville, Spain Sufitum: the transformation of lead into gold School of spiritual development, through which the spirit seeker can shape the hidden assets of his soul, called the path of substantial development. This school existed long before Islam. Go to Jo Natauri for more information. Many spirit seekers have applied the method of this esoteric school, the Pearl of her real self ‘ to find. The Prophet Mohammad was a student of this path. The main source of the mystical tradition of self development before the appearance of Islam was the Gnostic Christian monastery in Bosra, Syria.

In this school the Gnostics, many spirit seekers were inaugurated. They are under the name of Honafa’ has become known. Mohammad underwent his initiation at the age of 12 in this monastery. The master and teacher of this monastery in Bosra were Bahira’ or Mystic ‘ called. Their traditional mystical teachings that go back to Jesus, are mentioned in some verses of the Koran. In other words: The Quran has given a testimony for the existence of this substantial School of Christian mysticism. Some people continued this tradition of spiritual exercises, even after they had been converted to Islam.

They were the first followers of Mohammad (as h e-Soffeh). Because these first followers of the Prophet had a connection to the Koran and applying rhythmic texts from this pre Islamic got tradition of substantial development a Muslim coloring. Two hundred years after the birth of Islam such as the Sufism or Sufitum became known. Sufitum refers to a spiritual path that is derived from the spiritual exercises of the Prophet Mohammad. The exercises of this path, many spiritual seekers has brought to a spiritual enlightenment and beyond. \”\” The Koran describes this path in several places: spirit believers who to understand God, get a light to truth by lying to distinguish.