National Prize Architect

The technique of trencadis broken pottery, is characterized not only can be applied to curved surfaces, but also can be applied to pieces of 1 X 1 meter onto a risk of adhesion. Awarded in his home country in the year 2007 the National Prize of Architecture, Calatrava is considered by many as an extraordinary architect. In fact, Santiago Calatrava is considered one of the hundred most influential people in the world by the prestigious New York newspaper New York Times, and the United States in general, is considered a genius of architecture and of our time. Important works in those lands as the Chicago Spire, which will, with its 610 meters high the tallest skyscraper in the world after the Burj Dubai is still under construction, or the new passenger terminal officially called WTC Transportation Hub, and will welcome every day a whopping 80,000 people transit through this majestic new terminal, which opens each 11S tribute to the victims of the attack just happened in New York City. Calatrava is also considered a specialist in the design of bridges, since many bridges those made so far. The architect believes that the periphery of cities, is an ideal place to lock a bridge to a different sense of space without life, turning it into an urban landscape and different.

A clear example of what I say could be the magnificent work of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. With this symbolic work located in the old Turia riverbed, the architect has demonstrated to the authorities of the Generalitat Valenciana, with the simple construction of this huge construction located on the outskirts of the city of Valencia, with this symbolic gesture that brings simple, you can recover many neglected areas of the cities, and appreciating the land near them. Works as important as the Alamillo Bridge in Seville, La Pasarela Zubi-Zuri CampoVolantin or in Bilbao, the Auditorio de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the HSB Turning Torso in Malmo, or the very City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, show what level is this artist, Valencia's birth. The architect has been awarded many times, in fact I believe that no other architect who has received many awards. All people who know a little history of Santiago Calatrava, are aware of the important work that has left us so far and what it represents to the world of art. With the architecture, offering an invaluable service to the society in which we live today.