Neurolinguistica Programming

A model for the change and the learning created by Gregory Bateson exists, and that has been extended by Roberts Dilts, one of the main exponents of lPNL. One treats of to construct a model for the personal change, the learning and the communication, considering that we did not change of dissociated way, everything interrelates. The change in our lives is taken place of integral way and in several levels. Than one treats then is to know how to organize, to collect the necessary information so that it is possible to be identified where to take part in what level we must realise a change, to cause " the effect mariposa". What is the Effect Butterfly? It has been verified scientifically that small modifications in an aspect or level of complex system can cause great changes at another level. For that reason the phrase " If a butterfly in Hong Kong beats its wings, can bring about a storm in New York ". This can be seen in a soccer stage: it is enough that some begin to make the wave and, suddenly, all the people in the stage " contagia" and one arises immense wave.

is the Effect Butterfly a small gesture can cause great transformations. The history of the humanity is watered by effects butterfly Returning then to the changes and the Neurolinguistica Programming: Where you can be effective in what point you can make pressure to realise the general change that you wish? We want in other words, to generate with that change within a particular level a great change in our global situation. The learning and the changes can occur in different levels like the following: First Spiritual Level: It is the deepest level and is referred the sense of our life, why we are here, which is the sense of our existence, which is our task here.