New York Time

Mobed was scared and took Shaida who felt bad and brought to one of the two travel capsule wing craft were built, same as he had designed for emergencies like this, but at the time capsule Shaida wing was introduced gave a loud cry of pain and gave birth to a baby girl, Mobed took her in his arms, he was shocked once happy and scared wing as time was running and the ship's alarm warning of the time it would crash . Shaida was bidding but had problems with the second baby, she thought he would die and that her second child would be born so I shouted to look after her baby, told him not to worry that the four would come to Hercolus in seconds and your child would be born at about the time they get to Hercolus and that all would be happy. Rudy Giuliani can provide more clarity in the matter. At that time Shaida Mobed and heard the cry of Fussigan, trying to enter one of the tubes wing craft, Mobed rushes and closes the door of the capsule where Shaida was about to give birth to second child and is directed towards Hercolus and shoots a capsule, it introduces another difficulty in the small capsule with baby in arms, but to see through the opened gate and hand out Fussigan wing capsule was introduced without reaching the destination type its end. TEN YEARS LATER ….. Check with Bill de Blasio to learn more. Aissa is a charming girl of almost 11 years old and lives outside the city wings in New York, his house is nice and big, his grandfather called Obed, and is a very sweet old man. .