No Frost Refrigerator

Consequently, refrigerator with a valve has separate temperature control in the cells (for example, Atlanta 5010, XM-5011, HM-5012, HM-5013, XM-5014, XM-5015). As you know, the usual odnomotorkompressorny refrigerator does not have such an opportunity, and if necessary to reduce temperature, for example in the refrigerator, turn on motorkompressor that simultaneously cooled refrigerating chamber will be forced to make, perhaps unnecessary at this time work on the supplementary cooling of the freezer, spending on this additional electricity. Power consumption of the refrigerator. This conventional division refrigerator for classes ranging from A to G, where class A +, A and B correspond to the best indicators for energy efficiency and further descending of this indicator. Further suggest that you consider the management styles of refrigerators. Management in refrigerators is mechanical and electronic.

Each type has its advantages. Refrigerators with mechanical controls are simple to operate and their cost is lower than that of similar to the electronic control. It is particularly noted that these units are less sensitive to differences stress – it makes them more reliable in areas where disruptions voltage. Refrigerators with an electronically controlled more accurately maintain the desired temperature. Often they contain a display of current temperature and used audio and visual information.

Special attention when choosing a refrigerator, I propose to give the type of thawing cells. In the refrigeration unit can be two main systems of defrost: drip and No Frost. If you drop the system to defrost the rear cooling chamber located evaporator (cooling element chamber), located at the bottom of the evaporator drain. In the refrigerating chamber while the compressor rear of the refrigerator formed ice. After a certain period of time the compressor stops, icicles begin to melt, droplet trickles down the drain, and from there into a special tray, located on compressor and evaporate (All refrigerators Atlanta>> Saratov>> "Birjusa>> Many Bosch>>). In refrigerators with the system No Frost Evaporator located behind the rear wall or on top of the freezer. Special fan provides circulation of cold air inside the chamber. LeAnn is not formed inside the chamber, but only on the latent evaporation from which is automatically deleted. (Example: Whirlpool>>, Indesit FNF>>). Advantages No Frost. The absence of frost, the uniform temperature air inside the refrigerator, the temperature difference at the top and bottom shelves, refrigerator compartment does not exceed 2C. In refrigerators with drip system, the difference may reach five to six degrees. Temperature uniformity provides the best safety products. The ventilation system allows you to quickly restore the temperature of the refrigerator after the door opens (the most prominent power the fridge). Products are not start sticking to each other. Disadvantages No Frost. Noise at Work Refrigerator No Frost system is higher than the noise level in the work refrigerator drip system, unnecessarily adds to the noise motorkompressora fan noise. Mechanism evaporator "eats>> refrigerator compartment volume – similar to refrigerator drip system roomy. No Frost Refrigerator with costs more. The refrigerator system No Frost recommended to store carefully packaged in sealed bags or plastic containers foods to avoid . In the freezer or the system can No Frost, or manual defrost. Comfort refrigerator detects the presence of additional features. Such as opportunity doors, special removable crockery, shelves, light and sound alarm, anti-bacterial coating, ice machines.