North Americans

Imperialism requires of this industrialismo to maintain its format preponderant, and resemblance format of the consumption and operation of the fossil matter of the planet owns a definitively dangerous arrasador effect. The USA only, with 4% of the world-wide population, generates 25% of the planetary contamination due to the industrial gas emission with greenhouse effect. It it would have to give to think on the destiny of the man, its planet, a political and economic model spurs that it towards its destruction, putting to us already in syntony with the pessimistic fable of Hugo Chavez, enunciated at the outset. Such are virtues of the model, in ttricos numbers and the amoral attitude of their promoters and followers. I give more numbers, than they make us think that it is not chance that the most generating country of contamination and world-wide destruction (with regard to Copenhagen and of the Martian fable) lodges the greater wealth of the planet. I mention: As they demonstrate the numbers to it that present/display to the 400 richer North Americans with an economic salary superior to the one of 150 million inhabitants of the same country.

All a Rep it: 400 people are richer than half of the country, with a salary of 1.6 trillions (1.600.000.000.000) of dollars. To which we added that only 350 American people own 44% of the world-wide wealth, something as well as 1.061.700 million of dollars. It goes if the system, the model, the imperial dream of all political right, is not unipersonal, pyramidal, segregacionista, immoral, finally annihilating! We will not say in future that it needs a corpse to react, when it at least does not do it against the image of a planet in desagracia. Sight thus, the world walks safe towards a destruction, an extraordinary defrosting that will make disappear whole countries.