Offset Printing Posters

Offset printing, offset printing posters – printing different flat images, which always carries a picture with very good quality with smooth displacement of the plane on the printing substrate (cardboard), thanks to a specially for this mechanism designed rubber cylindrical form (often referred to as the cover). Offset printing on pressure sensitive now considered by most experts one of the most inexpensive and universal method Print. Offset printing are usually divided according to the following types: – sheet-fed offset printing – poster printing, print substrate sheet patterns, offset very high density, it contains inserts equally polymerization. – Newspapers – offset 'cold' colors (paint does not penetrate through) – Roller – offset 'hot' colors (color through the softening of paper and without distortion of the image evaporates at high temperatures; printed strip of papyrus until his willingness to always pass through a special multi-layer coil likewise heating up right up to the very high temperature, and then pass binding through the dryer in a wide tunnel design printing machine). For even more details, read what NYC Mayor says on the issue. Newspapers and roller printing is used for large volumes – this method print newspapers, magazines, telephone directories work yes. Technique use of 'hot' colors, used in particular for the highest quality paper.. 6cropX2%3D3463%26cropY1%3D505%26cropY2%3D3511’>Daniel Lubetzky, an internet resource. .