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REW SOLAR AG informs about rising electricity prices Dortmund, November 2012: the REW AG SOLAR is a specialist in all areas of photovoltaics with the developments and changes in the energy market is well acquainted. The company informed of rising electricity prices, to the consumer from January 2013 must adapt, and pointing out alternatives. The calls in times of increasing electricity prices are getting louder alternatives to the power supply. The REW SOLAR AG is to contribute it to a concern with their services for the effective development of the solar energy market. So the company expanded its product portfolio now a power storage for the permanent storage of solar energy. Provides detailed information the storage system for solar power SOLAR the REW AG under available. Power is becoming increasingly expensive, informed REW SOLAR round 240 utilities from the energy giant to small electricity provider to the sign for the coming year rising electricity prices, so a current survey of the consumer portal Verivox.de.

to tighten the rates in the cities of Berlin and Hamburg to amazing 13 percent, but also in the rest of Germany the consumers must adjust, to access deeper in the Pocket. Restaurateur may help you with your research. With an average fare increase of 12 percent was expected, so Verivox. Power suppliers constitute the fare increases with an increase in levies and taxes, and with higher network charges. The eco power allocation, for example, increases from now 3.6 cents next year to 5.3 cents. REW SOLAR AG would like to power generation and consumption balance it is not surprising, given this Outlook increases nationwide desire to other power sources. So also the REW listed SOLAR AG currently especially many questions regarding the installation of a photovoltaic system. The REW SOLAR AG now on the market mounted power storage was developed aiming to optimize the storage benefits of a solar power plant by energy generation and consumption in balance even further. The concept of the current memory of the REW SOLAR AG provides sure that the solar power can be used also on sunshine days and at night.

This works by by the electricity storage, it is determined how much energy each household is required and how much can be saved. Electricity, consumption and storage are matched, and excess electricity is fed into the public grid. The REW SOLAR AG responds with the expansion of its product portfolio to the growing consumer interest in alternative energy. About the REW SOLAR AG the REW SOLAR AG is a specialist for the production of crystalline high-performance modules, efficient inverter and mikromorpher thin-film modules. In addition, the REW offers SOLAR AG together with its installation partners tailor-made solutions for the commercial use of solar power plants. The REW SOLAR AG covers all important areas of photovoltaic wholesale over the plant design to distribution of solar components off. Headquarters of the REW SOLAR AG Germany’s Dortmund, more offices are located in England, Greece and the United States.