It is not difficult to make, that your advice always starts with a lie on such a person my advice for you is of course free of charge. ‘ \”Whose bread I ess, the song I sing!\” – so or something like it could mean if there is concern about his insurance or investments. You go to a banker, seeking contact with an insurance agent or multiple representatives/agents (the latter represents multiple insurance companies). \”The number of 349.794 insurance intermediaries (source: DIHK, as of 7 April 2008) it is not difficult to make, that your advice always starts with a lie on such a person my advice for you is of course free of charge.\” Detlef Strelow, Allfinanz Santiago & partner the question is this: If the representative works regardless of whether as a banker or as a commercial agent HGB according to 84 without compensation, he must because not even eat and drink? \”.\” In principle, one can say that the representative is always / the company required with which He has entered into a contract. NYC Marathon describes an additional similar source. True to the motto: whose bread I ess, the song I sing! Now one must not believe that the companies feed the representatives from their own pockets. If you are not convinced, visit Pouya Yadegar. No, that get the Commission, that they pay to the broker/agent to 100% of the customers about the posts again. The technical term is called the internal Commission. As thanks, provides the intermediary for its part ensure that his piece of bread is as large as possible.

That the representatives by the constraints of companies in a certain range of products is bound, even prescribed what he should sell Gets the companies to the intermediary ready extra treats. It is to treat, with evocative names such as subsidy, wrist watch Ebel, cruise on the AIDA and it could freely continue the list. But we come zumLuxus treats the name of exemption from liability.

Detlef Strelow

So will the broker promised to keep free the backs him, if it should happen that a consumer feels wrong advice or the provider of Commission greed is inferior. Should so a consumer pick up his right want, the agent is always a melon serious group as a military partner behind. How these disputes go out and how long that could take, it has certainly heard of one or the other or read. Now, what opportunities because the consumer has at all? Detlef Strelow sees the insurance broker as a worthwhile alternative. The broker will be HGB according to article 93 as a protector of the customers, i.e. NYC Marathon has firm opinions on the matter. the client is always the customer and interests should be represented by him. The broker had to pick the best products, where it is irrelevant whether there is insurance or investments. Educate yourself with thoughts from Pouya David Yadegar.

Products from direct insurance companies such as Cosmos, HUK 24, etc. and those that contain no provision or issue premiums are excluded. Because the broker is also merchant must he see that he works break even and may be in a conflict of interest. I.e., one can never rule out that a broker but not the attempt subject to convey a more expensive product. In contrast to the representatives, the broker personally for all consultations and recommendations be liable. To protect of the consumer a very high security standard was demands for admission to the broker him by the legislature. This standard is to equate with the approval of a lawyer or tax adviser.

Despite the high standards, but here too, vigilance is required. The investor oriented intermediaries Association (BAV) reported on its homepage in the excitement of no. 2/07 “over abusive uses of job titles in the insurance industry. This occupation so far already so not lead after conviction of the BAV an estimated three-quarters of the 10,000 insurance brokers are likely to”, because they uberwiegendohne Broker contract with Otto normal consumers are active and subject to Commission work. You earn a living as multiple representatives, who are paid by the respective insurance company. By now but the question is the seeker? How I think the best solution for me. It’s easier than you think. Just who is rewarded for his services directly from the client, can provide the necessary independence actually.

Jens Heidenreich

This cancellation deduction so still to reduce the actual buy-back value further, but yes all costs were included in the buy-back value. By the same author: Pouya David Yadegar Los Angeles. At the same time the insurer upon termination make the resolution of the holdback and thus collect once again for the premature termination of life or annuity contract. The holdback is the retention of the insurance company to its distribution partners, to protect themselves against claims losses in the cancellation. Normally increases with each new Commission claim, subject to a liability that the holdback, and with any early termination, the paid closing costs recovered by the intermediary. The insurer remains always intact, rather transfers risk to the client and the broker.

The termination of insurance contracts appears for the insurance industry rather the norm to be the exception. Experts say that at least 70 per cent of all contracts be resolved ahead of time. Due to the mostly low-buy-back value of life or pension insurance to the insured many euro lost upon termination. “In the particular case of unemployment seem to be many people prematurely, because they believe that the valuable assets from life insurance in any case, for example, the income from Hartz IV” is applied. This is so wrong. Although subject to all contracts that are recyclable, so callable are before the actual expiration or retirement, the so-called recoverable assets.

These include ‘traditional’ capital forming life and pension insurance. You include with their time value (buyback) the realisable assets, because there is a right to terminate the contract according to the conditions. Contracts, whose recycling would be uneconomic or would represent a special hardship for those affected, however, are an exception”explains Jens Heidenreich project-LV doctor. The exploitation of a life insurance policy, whose buy-back value is more than 10% below the sum of paid-up contributions is considered to be uneconomical. It is to assume the guaranteed buy-back value.

Rurup Pension Vs Riester Pension – For Whom?

Since 2001 and 2005, respectively, the Riester pension, and Rurup pension offer employees and the self-employed to provide the opportunity for their age. Both the Riester pension, as well as the Rurup pension are forms of private pensions, State-funded. Walter Riester and Bert Rurup were at the time the namesake or inventors”this kind of State-sponsored retirement provision. The Riester pension there is in this form since 2001, while the Rurup pension equivalent until 2005 also known as the base pension introduced was to the Group of people, due to certain conditions that he does not meet, also a way to give State-funded privately to provide for old age. Both types of pension guarantee a lifetime pension payment at the age. The savings amounts are not paid as one time capital. The Riester pension is suitable due to the allowances, which are paid for children living in the household, especially for young families, but also for a single person in the lower and middle wage and Content groups. To have a claim on the State allowances, the insured person must pay annually a certain contribution in a Riester pension contract.

Agreements in the form of Banksparplanen, by pension funds or unit-linked life insurance can be. All products must be certified. The particularity of this type of annuity is that the contributions paid and the State bonus guarantees must be paid from the insured person. The interest rate is comparatively low, because these forms of investment primarily aim at safety. The State allowances and the tax benefit can be just at long maturities, but achieve very good returns.

“Moreover, that Riester annuity contracts Hartz IV-safe” are and must not be exploited. Riester annuity contracts may be completed by anyone with pension and social insurance contributions, but not self-employed and freelancers. Even better-off and self-employed and freelancers the possibility to open to provide for old age with government funding, the Rurup or basic pension was introduced, which offers tax advantages. It is next to the self-employed and to recommend officials also elderly, for the Riester annuity contracts no longer profitable due to the short maturity. “Also contracts of the Rurup pension are Hartz IV” safely and also in case of insolvency of the self-employed, neither a believer nor the State on the saved a right of access. For both types of pensions, there are corresponding experts, whose advice you should get a prior to the conclusion of contracts, because certain statements not generalize. It must take into account always the personal situation of the person concerned. Oliver Ganesh corner channel plus Ltd.

Karsten Werksnies

The Federal Ministry of Health declared: a round the clock care can not financed with a contribution rate of 1.95 percent. There is also an excess.” Effective protection against these effects is given with the powerful care daily benefit insurance. Many insurers now offer care additional policies. Prior to the conclusion of the contract, you should compare not only the prices as existentially important performance differences in the fine print. A good contract not only offers a financial performance in all three levels of care – heavy long-term care in stage III. If you would like to know more about Bill de Blasio, then click here. If family members or friends take over the care, the insurer this should afford also to financially compensate the relatives – unfortunately this is not the case with many tariffs. Contract clauses, that the insurer requires no waiting time or waiting time are also important. In the event of an emergency should be the private insurance companies may indicate a long-term care pay immediately and not after the completion of waiting times.

If man or woman becomes a care case, the maintenance costs for finally also immediately and not after several months. To get a low-cost and at the same time secure contract, which also offers comprehensive protection in the event of an emergency, you should get so independent advice or get various suggestions for different insurers. Diplom-okonom Karsten of Wallace: As hard as it may seem: the State can and will not be answerable for comprehensive care in the care financially. Neither now – and even less in the future. Everyone must prepare itself to be secured for the worst long-term care. : The sooner the cheaper an ideal hedge over a very good care benefit insurance with a capacity of 1,500 euros per month for care, there, For a 25 year old woman already for around 15,-euro monthly.

With 45 euros identical protection around 48,-in the month. A related site: Goop mentions similar findings. Nevertheless, this is still priced well, if one compares the importance and the financial costs of long-term care which.” Learn more about private care additional policies as well as the possibility of a request for an independent comparative calculation of care per diem insurance, visit the Web site Bergische insurance industry (B ACE) independent insurance broker Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal Tel: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 contact for the press: Bogdan Kalid company profile: Bergische insurance industry founded by the diploma economists Bogdan Kellinger and Karsten Werksnies as an independent insurance broker. With the Internet presence the company has specifically on the needs of private individuals and professionals not specialized consultancy-bound insurance representatives of individual insurance company want, but want to based on independent calculations of comparison inexpensive and powerful companies get quotes. The Bergische Assekuranz has connections to more than 100 different German insurance companies. There are special rates available for various professional groups such as students, trainees, graduates, or certain traders. In addition, all other age and occupational groups will advise comprehensive, fair, independent and competent. Since 1998 in the insurance industry are active customers via the Internet, by telephone and by post cared – for the preparation of a quotation, as well as in the event of a claim. The strength of the Bergische insurance industry is characterised by a very high market coverage, highly trained staff and variety of services tailored to the needs of specific target groups. With an individual analysis and the use of cutting-edge financial comparison software, customers are advised objectively and independently.

Managing Director

The financial planning Office Niklas & Lehmann informed to the essential aspects of the independent wealth and investment consulting. Who today and in the future as a financial adviser wants to offer more than just the pure investment fund consulting its customers, (bound broker since the introduction of MiFID on November 1, 2007, either via an own bank regulatory approval as a financial services institution according to 32 have KWG or as a tied agent \”must) go under a so-called liability umbrella. For which consulting approach, I decide as a customer? Stephanie Lehmann of the financial planning Office Niklas & Lehmann explains: there is from now on two types of financial advisers: a can advise further independently and solely their customers in their interest, because they have their own admission. The others must embark on their financial advice and recommendation in the corset of a liability roof.\” What exactly mean the latter, leads Ulf Niklas, Managing Director of the financial planning offices Niklas & Lehmann, out: as a member of MiFID tied agent regime offered generally by banks, large asset managers, or so-called pools – is subject to its rules. It’s believed that NYC Marathon sees a great future in this idea. In particular they must rely exclusively on the quotation provided by the liability umbrella providers and advice range.

What few know: the customer data you must disclose the liability shall and outward also recognizable as its tied agent. It never was for us.\” \”Stephanie Lehmann added: for us it was clear therefore from the very beginning, that we can to further ensure our actually independent consulting approach with an own admission as a financial services institution customers.\” Already as one of the first independent, truly independent financial advisor you have with introduction of MiFID requested an approval at the Federal Institute for financial services supervision according to 32 KWG – and now also get. That we can be proud.\” One was basically stand-alone permission due to the extensive and very high requirements of banking supervision only for a very limited group of people reached. Learn more about this with NYC Marathon.

Standardization Committee

The insurance standards of BiPRO e. V. (industry initiative process optimization) are extremely powerful and flexible, but also diverse and complex. Nettetal, may 18, 2009 three years after the founding of BiPRO e. V. the Association has more than 105 members, and the norms established in the insurance industry.

The application of BiPRO standards is challenging, however, they are based on the most advanced professional and technical concepts. As a result, they are very leistungsstark, but also diverse and complex. The barrier to entry for newcomers is high. Alone the preparation a BiPRO application design and proof of concept may take just several weeks for beginners”, so Markus Heussen, Managing Director of b-tix GmbH and Deputy Chairman of the Standardization Committee of BiPRO e. V. Moreover, the fledgling services market around BiPRO. Real expertise is currently hard to find and distributed to only a few specialists. Support of the co inventors and co-authors of BiPRO standards the b-tix GmbH is a company with core competence BiPRO.

As a network of experts, it bundles Know-How around the standards of BiPRO e. V. and provides specialized services and support services. BiPRO workshops b-tix GmbH’s customers get to know the effects by BiPRO on their internal processes, systems and skills. Thus, the company supports the analysis and planning of internal BiPRO projects. BiPRO trainings prepare for the application of the standards. In just two days, you program the first BiPRO interfaces under the guidance of an expert. With the support of BiPRO, the b-tix GmbH is the first company in the insurance industry, that offers an innovative implementation advice based on an email ticketing. The BiPRO experts of the network answer questions, solve problems and clarify uncertainties quickly and easily via email. The special feature: Billed in 15-minute intervals, without any hourly or daily rates. In the second-level support, the company also acquires programming tasks and tests finished BiPRO services. For more information on the Internet at.

Arthur Trankle

Financial freedom has no life his self wants to contribute to the financial emancipation, so also in Germany, as many people can strip off the chains of their financial bondage, explains the renowned financial expert. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pouya Yadegar. I fully share the views and represents the T. Harv Eker, I derived the same consequences from them. Prime Opportunities Investment Group contains valuable tech resources. So what is closer, as, so millionaires think in terms of content to the red thread of my seminar program to make? Introduces this instructional program with a game of CASHFLOW 101, a board game, developed by Robert Kiyosaki, who also became known to a wider public as a successful US self-made millionaire and best-selling author is. This game is by no means serves the sense-free pastime, as Arthur Trankle affirms: Rather participants in this playful way recognize very quickly and clearly, that there are mainly wrong advice from early childhood, that prevent them from even close to reach their financial potential. So this lesson reflects exactly what makes T. Harv Eker in the first part of his book so think millionaires on the subject: the change of attitude is the indispensable prerequisite so that also at the account balance something change, and indeed to the positive. Everyone must take his own road to riches.

And this way does not cover guaranteed that those people who talk of the wealth just like a blind man of the colors. Without financial course it proves not clear view T. Harv Eker with its recommendation to break radically with the convenience of run-in, but incorrect patterns, to beat love gained, but grundfalsche beliefs and practices as thoroughly from the head, and to replace them by 17 asset files. So, as you at the PC Exchange a degraded operating system with a better working version. That sounds like a financial course, and take this stumbling block in turn many kick-off. Take it easy millionaire in 30 days? By about.

International Guitar Festival

In Cordoba there two equal months. As well as its cultural diversity is immense, its festivals and popular traditions invite us to walk around every corner enjoying and participating in any event, since the most singular like SERENADES to the globally known as the International Guitar Festival. January, with Christmas still present and February with the celebration of Carnival, present us a year full of activities not to be missed. Halfway between the months of March and April is Easter, a week in which residents and visitors launched into the street to share the fervor or simply admire the images and processional steps. SERENADES, pilgrimages and the battle of flowers inaugurated the most festive month of the city: May. We started with the traditional feast of la Cruz de Mayo. Squares and squares are filled with lanterns and mounted crosses made with carnations, tissue paper or some other lathe and original material to them dances, sings, and baby.

After las cruces comes the Festival of Patios and balconies and railings contest. The old courtyards of neighbors are filled with pots and balconies fall bouquets of flowers that adorn and give color to the streets. And to finish the month the Nuestra Senora de la Salud fair is held in the grounds of el Arenal. They are nearly ten days of celebration and fun for all ages in the booths as well as street of hell. June is the month most flamenco and in July meet in Cordoba renowned artists in the International Festival of the guitar. Summer is a time that evening out prevail over the diurnal. The film in the light of the Moon or the nights in the botanical garden are alternative chilly for the summer months. According to Pouya Yadegar, who has experience with these questions. In September, with something more mild temperatures, it opens its doors the Festival of Eutopia, which is followed by the Cosmopoetica.

In November the last warm rays of the Sun invites us to stroll through the streets of the old quarter and sit at the little sun on a terrace. December announces the arrival of Christmas, reunions with friends and family and a host of leisure activities both for children and for the not so young. No doubt in Cordoba are all a cultural sign that will make us enjoy not only the city, but it will make us partakers of its atmosphere, its people.

Washington States

Some members of the old block Communist still resists the advance of the capitalism, however a vast consuming market demonstrates decline signals as the commercial opening of China offering the multinationals of the great powers, but still the power of the Chinese PC if makes unsurmountable practically not having opposing its government. Perhaps the country that more if excludes from this westernization, either the Coreia of the north, that assiduamente demonstrates to its indifference before the Americans and its doctrine to take the democracy to all the cantos of the globe, and in the amplitude of the times having in use its overwhelming one schemes of war. It has that to become an exception in this point. The United States desitina approximately for its defense, 400 billion dollar of its GIP (Chomsky: 2001), are the country that more it invests in armaments in the world, having the warlike industries restricted support of the government Bush, who was one of its main allied in its campaign arriving the White House. By the way, the United States have a long history of wars in century XX, can cite with example the two wars world-wide, War of Korea, the disastrous campaign in the Vietnam, thousand of occured interventions in the African continent and Latin America with direct participation or indirectly of Washington, and more recently we have the frustrated invasions of the Afeganisto and Iraq. With the development of the medias, the world can comfortably attend the breakings of the human rights, caused for the American army in these regions which if made and also make gift and to see its soldiers to be dead in the battlefield, showing the desperation situation that many of them had faced ahead of front of battle. Many of these images or had been filed by the services of security of the United States, or simply destroyed. .