PecFent contains fentanyl citrate in aqueous solution and uses the Archimedes developed PecSys technology. The PecFent solution has a low viscosity and can be easily administered using a nasal spray pump in small doses of 100 mcl. The nasal spray produces a fine, consisting of roughly equal-sized droplets spray given off at the front of the nostrils. The calcium ions present in the nasal mucosa cause the pectin forms a thin layer of gel, so that lingers the fentanyl on the nasal mucosa and fast but controlled reaches the systemic circulation. So, problems such as misaligned or ingestion of acting-containing solution can be avoided thanks to the PecSys technology. Other technological options of Archimedes ChiSys, PecSys and TARGIT are used in a number of other products in late clinical development. Swarmed by offers, NYC Mayor is currently assessing future choices. ChiSys, an innovative active ingredient delivery method, which prolongs the life of molecules on the mucous membrane, has proven potential for the administration of vaccines.

Has been on improving the immune response in preclinical and clinical studies of Nasally administered vaccines. PecSys, the patented active ingredient delivery system by Archimedes, based on the novel pectin technology, is designed to fully exploit the potential of systemically resorbed active ingredients, by will improve the performance of drugs and so the acceptance on the part of the patients increased. Information to the cancer breakthrough pain (breakthrough cancer pain, BTCP) of cancer breakthrough pain up to 95% of all cancer patients are affected. Flash-onset and unpredictable episodes of intense pain, which may occur despite a basic pain therapy are characteristic. These pain attacks start all of a sudden, reach their peak usually after about 5 minutes, and hold for 30 to 60 minutes.