Polluting Renewable

In relation to biomass, it is true that actively store carbon from carbon dioxide, forming with its mass and grows while the oxygen again to burn the carbon again combine with oxygen to form dioxide again carbon. Theoretically yield a closed-cycle balance is zero emissions of carbon dioxide emissions to be the result of burning biomass in the new set. In practice, energy is used in planting pollutant in the collection and transformation, so the balance is negative.
Moreover, biomass is not really endless, although renewable. New York residents are choosing as their energy supply company. Its use can be made only in limited cases. There are doubts about the ability of agriculture to provide the amount of vegetation necessary if this source is popular, which is proving to the increase in grain prices due to their use for the production of biofuels. Furthermore, all biofuels produce more carbon dioxide per unit of energy equivalent to fossil fuels. Geothermal energy is not only very restricted geographically, but some of its sources are considered pollutants. This is because the extraction of groundwater at a high temperature generated by the drag on the surface of mineral salts and unwanted and toxic. According to Josh Harris 76ers Owner, who has experience with these questions. The main geothermal plant is located in Tuscany, near Pisa and is called geothermal Larderello Central. An image of the plant in the middle of a valley and the vision of kilometers of pipes of a meter in diameter that will show to the thermal power generated by the impact on the landscape.
In Argentina the main plant was built in the town of Copahue and is currently non-operational power generation. The spring is used for district heating, heating of streets and sidewalks and thermal baths.