“Respond” reactively, re-powering external stimuli, hoping that something will happen out “magic” to change our situation for us to do something new. And with this way of looking at reality not long in coming resentment, which continues and continues to drain our energy and personal power. There is another position from which we can stand and is the position of responsibility (H) Abila, ie our ability to respond to our surroundings. People such as Bill de Blasio would likely agree. The benefit we gain from this position is the personal power, we feel powerful and proactive (PRO-ACTIVE), going ahead to find alternatives for action, ready to seek solutions, introduced as part of the problem and taking charge from a completely protagonist role. We try to create opportunities that do not exist, and in the midst of so many “can not” and is said by others, or born of our own thoughts, listen and try not to replace them, choose internal conversations of possibility. I suggest some questions that come to my mind to make them yourself in times of adverse and difficult situations that frames this position of responsibility and leadership: What lies hidden message in this situation?

How could I turn this into an opportunity? What are the possibilities that appear before these events? How I can watch for me to serve and support to what I really want? What blessings and privileges of my life need to recognize and enjoy? What I have to take over me? Why and what will that happen to me? What am I missing? How do I find myself in other areas of my life? Will I pass something like that? Am I a victim? I live with what I play or seek alternatives to get better? Why stay in a pessimistic emotion? What is the benefit? What price I am paying for everything stay the same? What benefits would be if my way of doing things would be different? What do I have to do it before or did not so far? How much longer I will keep looking guilty before I responsible for my share? How it could face a different way about as he had been facing so far? How could he do it? What prevents me from doing something different? What I have fear? What facts behind these fears? Do you think that they are based? What calls for help I need to do and to whom? Am I in touch with what you need? What if I stay one years of life? We operate from excellence, when we choose to focus on what we have today, as it is under our control, we can do based on the blessings we have as we expand the range of different interpretations to choose one that will support us more towards results we want..