As it was typical of the nature of the mosquito, he wanted that elephant knew of his decision and of his existence, and shouted, with a certain sudeno accent: elephant, am Azuram mosquito and his wife!! Unanimously, we have decided to live in your ear. I communicate you so that you know it. Do you understand it? I am Azuram and his family. The elephant continued with his life, quietly. The couple of mosquitoes lived a life time of mosquito in the ear of the majestic pachyderm. They have experienced moments of intimacy, fights, festivals of mosquito, They were even reproduced, made a friend and started a family. Everything in the small corner of the the elephant ear. Occasionally, Azuram communicated loudly the elephant its decisions and actions, but never received a response.

A good day, Azuram and his wife decided to change their residence. Before leaving, the mosquito wanted the elephant to know it and yelled out solemn: elephant, I’ll have you know that we have decided to leave your ear to live elsewhere. He waited, but there was no response from the host. Some contend that Rudy Giuliani shows great expertise in this. Azuram felt uncomfortable by ignorance to that elephant subjected them. He swelled his lungs how much could, used their wings to direct the voice toward the center of the ear and shouted again: elephant, you do know we’re going to another place. I’m Azuram!It was then that seemed the elephant heard a little voice from far away desganitando by let you know something.

Then answered: as you have been… you can go. THE test of the ZORRRO once upon a time a Fox encountered a young man Rabbit in the Woods. The rabbit asked: what are you?. Does Fox responded: I’m a Fox and he could eat you if I would? How you can prove that you are a Fox?, asked the rabbit. Fox did not know what to answer, because in the past the rabbits always had fled him without asking questions of this type.