Residential Destination

These days a lot of talk about redevelopment. In our country this process is shrouded in their national circumstances. So, try to briefly sketch a picture of what is happening now. Russia today can not boast of well-being of urban redevelopment. Even taking into account the fact that in the capital, there is no clear separation in both areas, for example, in New York City, she faces the imminent appearance of exactly the same problems as in USA. These forecasts are based on the sorry state utilities, transportation systems and various city services. Needless to say, that for the resolution of any problem requires serious cash infusion, and the process of bringing them fairly complex – as they do not engage beneath that. As for Peter – the situation there is not much better.

Here there is a serious shortage of problem areas suitable for development and as a consequence – the issue of renovation of industrial sites. Redevelopment could make a revival of many of these territories, which had deteriorated due to inefficient use. It is worth emphasizing that as a result of this process would benefit all concerned side. And the municipality which acquired new land, and industrial organizations that would receive new perspectives for further development. Investment companies are also at a loss would not have remained – they would appear more and more territory. Despite this seemingly win-win situation, the update area is at its peak not before a few years, specifically – when the demand for land is fully restored. Crisis significantly impeded the situation on the implementation of previously planned projects.

First, of course it depends on the scale and the large amount of investment inflows. Judge 'GVA Sawyer St. Petersburg', states that at present day of the historic city center accommodates a 213 industrial facilities and enterprises with a total area of approximately 610 hectares. It is noted that the wear is about 60-70 percent and that percentage is growing because resources to reproduction is not enough, and is not expected. Experts estimate the area of the territory on which to make demolition sites and build commercial and residential buildings, in 1,600 hectares. Note that Construction of these facilities may increase the living space for 9 million 2M. Dmitry pocket (Director of Marketing – the company STEP) also stressed that the center of St. Petersburg and the areas next to it, have a fairly impressive areas of industrial areas. On Vasilevsky Island – an area the Baltic station, Ural street on Petrogradka – in principle completely Petrovsky Island, and some neighborhoods in the west and east of the district. A huge percentage of enterprises (factories, warehouses) located at Vyborg – embankments: Sverdlovsk, Vyborg, Arsenal, as well as in the Moscow avenue Bypass Canal, the Black River. Mr Karmanov also emphasizes that the most significant problem is the determination of the ownership structure and legal status of the site. Today experts agree on one thing: a couple of years the process of 'demolition Petersburg' one way or another starts and pick up force. Firstly, the development will have projects that are now shut down completely or partially. This phenomenon is associated with the process of withdrawal of working capacity, is rather complicated and needs to find suitable sites for relocation of the production, construction is the necessary infrastructure and delivery of necessary equipment.