Roman Catholic Church

Celebration of Santa Eulalia, the second employer of Barcleona the festivals of Santa Eulalia is dedicated, according to the Christian tradition, to Eulalia of Barcelona, coming from Rust-coloured, Hispania (present Barcelona, Spain) in the times of Diocleciano emperor (284-305) during century III or IV, with Marcelino like Pope. Great part of the Christians who resided in the city in those times had to escape because this Roman emperor commanded to end the faithfuls. At the moment, these celebrations go directed, mainly, smallest, and we will see because next. Eulalia was an adolescent girl who escaped of the small village where she lived with its parents in Sarri (at the moment district of Barcelona) to confess its religious ideals and, this way, was martyred. The young girl was victim of different torments, like the ecleo (wood apparatus in which they seated to the processings, to force to them to declare by means of the torment), and died in the cross, although there are doubts on the historicidad of the narration of his martyrdom. It is why during these magical days, all pay tribute to the brave Laia. In agreement with the tradition, the known torment more was to send it rolling within a full broken crystal barrel by the Baixada street of Santa Eullia – Lowered of Santa Eulalia-, where is an image of santa in a small chapel.

The girl, then, considers itself, along with the Virgin of the Merc, employer of Barcelona and symbol of justice or the commitment of youth. She was canonized and santa by the Roman Catholic Church considers itself as much, like by the Orthodox one. Frodoino bishop found his rest in year 878 he transferred and them to the Cathedral. She was in 1998 when the craftsman Xavier Jansana decided to represent Laia, or Eulalia, through one giganta. The celebrations in tribute to this santa include pasacalles, correfocs and giants.