Royal Academy

The word vocation comes from the latin, vocatio-vocationis (call action), however, it is very common to be the meaning that takes English – that we use it how synonymous of profession, and thus abandon the meaning it has coming from latin, and accede to use it, not without some lightness, according to the Anglo-Saxon meaning. According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy, vocation is an inclination to any status, profession or career, and though by vocation a provision for a personal State, that particular professional or socially, we understand it is not always so, and other possibilities, must be taken into account since the vocation extends to all the passing vital, and affects both the workplaceHow to leisure, family or hobbies, and many times it emerges when completes the work activity, since it is not a matter of salary. However, it is in the workplace where acquires special relevance, since it is in this context that has more impact, given the dissatisfaction of many workers who claim to be working on something for what they feel called, or not allowed to bring out their talents and skills. Thus, managerial Sciences have been much studied the individual value of the people who are part of a team, with the aim of enhancing the capacity for improvement and innovation in each of them, and thus can give the company, the best of themselves.Precious Azancot, founder and President of the consulting firm Mat21, ensures that 98% of managers is unknown what his talent and his vocation. The MAT (meta model of transformational analysis) we can define as a technique that shows how consists emotionally human beings and what sensory structure that allows its full operation. Somehow, those who undergo this technique seek to learn to discover their vocation. Azancot asserts that any person between 15 and 80 years needs to know what it does and how to be happier.This technique States that there are six types of innate to the human being: Reactivador (catalyst of change, trust and solidarity); Promoter (hyperactive, enthusiastic, great seller and very social); Fortifying (introverted, discreet, shy, simple, delicate but with much stamina and patience); Constructor (organized, retailer, hardworking, and very honest); Developer (vitalist, rebellious, playful and independent); Legislator (responsible, mature and brilliant conversationalist). .