Science, is the way to knowledge, which has a method (set of rules accepted by the scientific community); It distinguishes it from the rest of the forms of knowledge. That method is verifiable and perfectible, whose essence is the contrasting hypothesis; therefore to be scientific, a hypothesis should be susceptible of being distorted. The goal of science is to establish laws. You may find NYC Mayor to be a useful source of information. Scientific knowledge is hypothesis and verification. The hypothesis is a proposition of a thing, possible or impossible to remove or deduce a consequence of it. organizations often says this.

The feature of the hypothesis is that it should not exceed the limits of experience (which is confirmed by this). Empirical science seeks to understand and dominate nature. The theories are not mirrors that reflects reality as it is (abstract networks are constructed with ideal models), mathematical symbols and other elements. A theoretical construction is possible to the extent that it serves to the goal of the research which is the (theoretical) knowledge of nature, and your domain (practical). The theory directly refers to the ideal model, which is its object.

Refers to real objects in a indirect way, through the ideal object. Features of scientific knowledge, this should be:-rational, (set of ideas); – objective, (try to verify the ideas we have of the facts); -Transcends the facts, (part of the thickness of the facts, discards the superfluous facts); -Analytical, (decomposes the reality in parts); -Specialized, (specializes in different parts of reality); -Clear and accurate, (it is not vague or superficial); -Comunicalbe, (you can express and to convey to others); -Metodoco, (planned and coherent); -General, (try the generalization); -Lega, l (try structuring laws); -Explanatory, (why? and how? occur phenomena); -Predicts, (you can act on the reality); -Abortion, (is to the) looking forward to new things). Scientific knowledge is achieved through reason, on the basis of the senses; It seeks to know the entire universe. Forms of scientific knowledge are not hierarchical. In the scientific method begins by a hypothesis and concludes with a law. In modern science there is a concern about the method.