Service Mineralnyie

The greatest concentration of staff road-guard Service Mineralnyie observed in an area where a 30-mile stretch of road can be seen up to 8 crew dps. Each special purpose vehicle has good technical equipment – ‘long range’ radar videofiksatsiey. At the same time dps officers are using the terrain – hills, forest plantations – so that they fall into a zone of visibility of the driver when to Crew is just 100-150 meters. Redeem speed in such circumstances can not hope for. Stationary radars with videofiksatsiey in the region not as a class. But if you see a civil stained car – mainly ‘classics’ Avtovaz – parked on the side of the oncoming lane, around which people can not see, you know, you can shoot a hidden camera. It also happens that the car is on the sidelines in the same direction, the hood to you, then the probability increases to 100%.

The fact is, the installation of radar in the civilian car, whose driver are also the traffic police, has been practiced in the region frequently. In this case, road crew and inspection service in 500-1500 meters further, and if detected excess, you are guaranteed to stop. These machines can stand and near a hospital that has been observed repeatedly in the post near the village of . By the way, be careful and watch out for the real mileage: they may well inflate. An example of this can be a personal experience of the author article. When approaching the next crew, dps officer waves his wand, checks the documents and requests to go into the car. Another police officer reported the violation and requested to clarify your speed. He communicates by radio with third person, calls the mark and car number.

From the radio clearly hear the numbers that draw on the deprivation of rights. If you are sure you were going slower, you need to ask to look at the radar readings. If you insist, most likely, you simply return the documents and this communication will end. In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about the infrastructure. On this part of the track enough places to eat, but not so much shops and service centers. Therefore, a breakdown would have a better ‘hold out’ till Nevinnomyssk: there are several shops located directly along the route. Filling is across the road, so the problems with gasoline, gas or diesel fuel you will not. However, owners of cars as far as possible it is better not to refuel at gas stations brick and mortar: the quality of gasoline here may not be too good. The least criticism from residents of the region is the quality of fuel in petrol stations network Lukoil.