South Street Seaport

After the airplane ticket, the greater cost in any trip to New York is the demurrage. Although the tariffs of hotels are but economic that in the tip of the market in the 2008, the tariff average for a hotel in the city is of $150 $200 per night by rooms for two people with quarter of private bath. Two options that give the opportunity him to save in their demurrage under the pages of Web of Homeaway and Airbnb, where resident of the city they rent to rooms or apartments per days or weeks in different neighbourhoods. For greater security and convenience, it reads the commentaries of other users who have stayed themselves in the place to verify if he is advisable to transportation and if the lodging as is described. The price of the rents varies following the level of privacy and the location of the lodging. 2. Some museums in New York, such as the Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Natural History, have suggested tariffs of admission.

If it wishes to pay less money it can do it in boletara of the museum (is not possible to buy tickets in the page of Web by smaller amount of money that the suggested tariff). The Museum of Modern Art free has hours of admission Fridays from 4 to 8 at night, and the Whitney Museum allows that the visitors pay what they wish 9 Fridays from 6 to p.m. 3. If it wishes to see some work or musical comedy of Broadway, the kiosks of TKTS in Times Square and the South Street Seaport sell tickets to prices of discount for the function of the day of diverse works and musical comedies. It is recommended to watch the hours of beginning of ticket sale, since the service is very popular and the tickets available are limited.