Sun God Amon

It was said that it was born of a thunderbolt fallen from heaven. When appeared an Apis, the priests, after having recognized the signs that boasted, installed it in a chapel next to the Temple of Ptah and rendered him worship. According to inscriptions in the temples, he should not live more than twenty-five years, but if the animal reached this age for priests, with great ceremony, choked him at a sacred spring, buried in a sarcophagus of granite and then sought another. Cult of Amon – when Thebes became capital of Egypt during the 11th dynasty, the God of this city, Amun, was the largest of all temples and was considered the main of the gods. The priests represented it as a perfect, eternal and Almighty, who created everything and not created, the father of the parents, the mother of mothers.

They said that the other gods had been created by him, or that they were the same God under another name. Frequently designated it with multiple names at the same time, Amon – Ra – Harmakhis. Priests sang hymns in which his power is extolled in honour of Amun. It represents it navigate through the sky in his boat. The rowers are the souls of the virtuous men, a God will stand on the bow, armed with a lance, and another God is at the helm. The figure of Ammon later merged with of the illustrious divinity Sun Ra, to constitute a divine being, the Sun God Amon – Ra, que bajo the mask of Amun reigned until the end of the Pharaonic era. Only with the destruction of Thebes by the Assyrians, came the decline of this cult, and Osiris joined the category of Max God. Embalming of corpses-the Egyptians believed that when a man dies something in him continues to live. This something called it double and envisioned it as a kind of shadow or phantom, similar to the body, which could see but not touch.