Sunday New York Times

Your ideal team where there is more questions. What do I need head? Mentor who will always guide my action, or head, which allows me to plan the work. Or maybe I need something in between? Work at all without the guidance of the same complex as "on a short leash", so you should determine in advance for itself for optimal "length". What kind of people I would be most pleased to work? Some people prefer, when each team member knows his role and sings it well. Some people like to change and rotate roles. Someone prefers to work with wiseacres that does not cost anything to solve a crossword puzzle from the Sunday New York Times release a cup of coffee, while others appreciate in my colleagues in the first place friendliness and ability to support, and to a lesser extent sophistication of the mind.

So which team is right for you? What you aspire to? Perhaps finding your dream job, you worked there until retirement, and perhaps having the necessary knowledge and skills, try to realize themselves somewhere else. Some are tired from the hectic pace and demands of global business and go back to a quieter sector of the market. Others are beginning to grieve, if at least once a day did not experience in dealing with crisis situations. What kind of you belong? For your dream job is an opportunity to create something of their own – in programming, graphic design or, for example, in the field of energy? Or maybe you'd like to teach the younger generation, or travel around the world, forging cross-cultural interaction? You dream to win awards for their activities or create a personal brand? Or for you the main thing – every day at 5.57 to get into the train and go home? Finally, how important is for you to pay? Maybe you're happy and other forms of compensation such as free time, an interesting business trip, tuition fees? What is your "good compensation package" for this career stage and how important it is for you? The exact scope Once you have appeared in the minds of the image of the dream, the search begins.