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One Of The Drag Queen To The Zen Monk – Startling Biography

David Schneider: Street Zen. Life and work of Issan Dorsey, edition steinrich 2010 Issan Dorsey embodies the shadow in the lives of many people. He was gay, a drug addict, resigned in drag and died of AIDS. For many years he lived Queens and Tranks, which led a precarious life on the fringes of society as he always close to the abyss, friends with other junkies, drag. Even as a Zen teacher, he became friendly with people who are excluded from society, and cared about it: People with HIV and AIDS. For more specific information, check out jim kingery. Issan Dorsey was so unusual like the Zen masters of old.

But he was respected not only centuries after his death, but already in his lifetime; Maybe it’s because he loved life in all its facets and at the same time also the death. Like Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of great compassion testified Issan Dorsey the joy and the pain of the universe in his own existence. The people loved him because of his great zest for life, his ability to live happiness, that is, to embody and to express. He has been admired for his fortune, to be open to our deep pain, our deep suffering. Issan accepted all aspects of his life yes she celebrated, and this sets it apart from most of his Buddhist companions. His journey with all difficulties and challenges is told in detail in this exciting biography that can inspire many. Hardcover, 336 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-07-6, EUR 22.50, Traudel Reiss

Jennifer Bentz: Just Get Along (Eden Books)

Study – internship – hospital: A true story the story: after studying the almost thirty-year academic starts an internship. Determined she strives for a permanent position. Her ambition is not rewarded: trying to give of their best, ends in the diagnosis of “Burn Out”. Tiptoe through the tulips, the autobiographical colored book tells of the experiences in the workplace and in the clinic for psychosomatic, psychosomatic disorders should be treated in the. Without questioning the seriousness of the diagnosis, the author with deep compassion for fellow sufferers about comical situations, new friendships, self-help and therapy successes. Their desire shows entertaining way to more openness to psychology and mental health. The generation internship provides much material for discussion: as a group of companies, which is rolling out and still on the spot, as scientific precariat. Most importantly as people who are internally torn between old values and presumed freedom. Jennifer Baig author: Jennifer Bentz was born in 1980 in the Palatinate. In Mainz, Germany, she studied journalism and film studies. Today, the candidate lives there with a son and her life partner. Publisher: Eden books is a company of noble Germany GmbH. The undertakings belonging to the noble AG is a leader in the field of production, marketing and distribution of books as well as image and sound recordings in Germany.

Wilfried Reuter

Find a way of to inner strength access to the inner sources of strength it is possible that Buddhism in the West can permanently gain a foothold? He remains a marginal phenomenon, or slips even into the wellness spirituality? Succeeded very convincingly the Berlin meditation teacher and obstetricians and Gynecologists Wilfried Reuter with his book, to show the people of today useful perspectives. It offers life coaching is the timeless teachings of the Buddha are based, is represented in a contemporary language and refers to the reality of our modern life. He describes how we to inner strength can find and resolve old habits and gain access to our inner sources of strength. Wilfried Reuter has implemented very seriously and now successfully his teacher Ayya Khema, to call to establish a centre in Berlin and lead, as everyone easily can convince himself, the Lotus Vihara looking up in Berlin’s Centre, a very vivid Buddhist Centre. He is also working as practising obstetricians and Gynecologists and sure it helps that he knows what Burns us on the nails and is important. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mustafa Suleyman has to say. In his book, he examines the questions, what distinguishes people who lose not the grip even in difficult situations, and how we can strengthen and develop such a capability. Wilfried Reuter brings many practical exercises and examples and shows how the teachings of the Buddha today can contribute. The book is accompanied with a CD with a Mindfulness – and a Mettameditation. Hardcover, 208 pages, with CD, ISBN 978-3-942085-08-3, edition of 19.90 euro steinrich 2010, Traudel Reiss.

Who Does Not Know The Family Monster

Writer Heidi farewell Dahlsen -, family Monster tells the story of a courageous woman who never gives up. Author Heidi Dahlsen succeeds with its humorous and cynical way to tie one on this book. You once started to read, you will no longer put the book out of hand, because you finally want to know what happens next, and feels with with the main. You literally witnessed the events. Farewell family monster, is a book that one can only warmly recommend to anyone.

“Certainly, one or the other discovered that in his family who will love family Monster” is. Short description of the book: Unfortunately you can not choose his parents and these must take the child that drops them in the womb. My parents have often trumpeting that I’m only arose because they were bored. You have given for years effort, turning me into a dutiful wife. Only – not effort alone is enough! However, are offered on full convinced me the heaven on Earth have. Looking for a happy family life I stumbled across three mothers-in-law of a special kind and had to come out with for many years the annoying behavior of my husband’s ex-wife, which again and again amazed me with their ingenuity. To build my own family was very painful, and now I use it all, to hold them together. That was my greatest wish and is my fulfillment. My life motto is: “Protect you from major damage, and it don’t lose your humor.” Book data: family Monster author farewell books on demand, publishing Dahlsen Heidi paperback: 264 pages language: German – ISBN 978-3-8391-1384-4, paperback, paperback: 264 pages, euro 16 90 company information: Britta Kummer, writer and author of the book: welcome back, Amy, was born on the 02.10.1970 in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal. Press contact: Britta grief Hofinghoffstrasse D 58256 Ennepetal e-Mail

Equal Opportunity

Jampa Tsedroen & Thea Mohr (hrsg.): With dignity and perseverance. Trees may help you with your research. The renewal of Buddhist reburied, edition steinrich 2011 the Buddhist nun Bhikshuni Jampa Tsedroen (Carola Roloff) teaches Buddhist philosophy at the Tibetan Centre in Hamburg and is lecturer and research fellow at the University of Hamburg with the specialty of the ordination of nuns and women in Buddhism. In 2007 an International Congress held in Hamburg along with the Dalai Lama, which dealt with the question of the ordination of women in Buddhism. Because, although the Buddha founded also a reburied more than 2500 years ago in addition to the truths, women in Theravada Buddhism is today as in Tibetan Buddhism denied the right to live a life as a fully ordained nun. The Dalai Lama himself is passionately committed to the equality of the sexes in Buddhism without the Buddhism will have barely a future.

The most important contributions of the Conference are included in this volume. You are among other things, how it ever happened, that nuns do not are on an equal footing and for example not fully can ordain as but the Buddha himself had founded the reburied. The story, as well as the classical Buddhist literature are very well lit and presented in a way that even layman can understand it. A large part of the contributions devoted to the question of how this situation can be changed. The many different proposals and solutions show that the issue is addressed, and it remains to hope that a final solution no longer wait to. This an excerpt from a post of a longtime nun: In general, the term means human rights, that certain fundamental rights and freedoms people have.

Religious rights and freedoms are usually considered to be the most basic of all human rights. To freely practice the Dharma, all people must both have female as male, access to equal opportunities, to study their religious beliefs and practice and to pursue their religious goals. So how you today look at countries where one denies women the right to vote, as backward, Buddhists will enter certainly negatively in the history, if deprived of them of women’s fundamental rights and freedoms. At the same time, it is clear that the access to the full ordination for women hand in hand with the Buddhist education and support for women in monastic life through the community must go. Assuming the same opportunities for education and ordination women promise to support the tradition and bring great benefit Buddhist societies and the human society as a whole. The recognition of the full ordination for women is not only a matter of social justice, but it is also simply a matter of common sense.” The Conference, as well as the book represent an important milestone on the way towards full equality of women in Buddhism. Hardcover with bookmark, 528 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-17-5, 29.90, Traudel Reiss

The Right

Already written stories are available in a wide range available and need to be adjusted only in these areas. This one not even a story must be written, and on the other hand the large selection, that means that the right can be selected for each. In particular youth books revive youth books enormous travel mostly by their adventure stories where the heroes for treasure search, live in unreal worlds or adventures and dangers are generally looking. There are above all these books, which are suitable to personalize the story, moves but the hero – which is Yes the recipient in the center of adventure and dangerous situations. Reading becomes an exciting experience, as to 100% with the main character can be identified.

Children’s books can therefore also quite complex and extensive be built up so that the youthful recipient long time great joy in his youth book individually and exclusively to him. A personalized children’s book has different requirements of children’s books produced for smaller bookworms and should therefore also other topics handle and be built differently. For even more analysis, hear from tiny homes. However, can a personalized children’s book have the same customisable elements as copies for the elderly also. However, a personalized children’s book should have a lesser extent, so that the recipient children are not overwhelmed. The history should be kept fairly simple and easy to understand. Thematically everyday situations can play a role, as well as also non-violent pirate adventure. The learning effect can play an important role at such individual gift, personalized books no doubt are. So, the recipient child as the main character can take a journey of discovery and get explained each after age-appropriate topics.

By the child plays the main role and his friends who occupy roles, it can quickly put in the history and fun to read. It is also still photos of themselves or illustrations of friends or parents, on some pages a personalized children’s book represents an innovative and individual gift that offers variety. Also this makes personalized books that are above normal truly not all those books and others personalize can. Already the cover can ensure more or less elaborately, to create a personalized gift. So, for example, a photo of the recipient can make the subject on the cover. Alternatively, the name may be engraved. Hard to beat, the integration of all the other mentioned personalizations (such as dedicated words or the customized name) is in addition to those. In this way, a very personal gift that years later can provide a unique joy get both young and old.

Literature On The Way To The Participation Age

Litogo AG opens innovative platform on the authors and artists together produce works and these present for Kindle, Sony, iPhone & co to download the Litogo AG in Augsburg is gone as of April 2009 under with a completely newly developed Internet portal for mobile, open and modern literature at the start. On this platform, authors, graphic artists, editors, translators and spokesman found in contemporary literature and the bestsellers of tomorrow to produce and market. The company developed a unique platform for the digitisation of process of creating E-books and audio-books. The Litogo technology was promoted in the framework of the BAYTOU by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics, infrastructure, transport and technology program. The entire process from the idea of the author about the joint completion of the E-books / audio books to the bookcase ‘ customer is fully automated.

These are E-books / audio books as Wikipockets”referred to. This has its origin in the fact that the social software of the community which gives possibility to work jointly on a project and to participate in the success developed by Litogo AG. As Litogo Wikipocket the resulting literature can on mobile devices anytime, anywhere to read or heard. With Litogo arrived the participation age in the literary world. The idea, intellectual property and creativity to share and to participate in the success opened for every author and artist new possibilities. “, says the CEO of Litogo AG Heike Lenk, formerly sales manager at and even author.” For collaboration and commercialization, the contractual framework are clearly formulated and clearly regulated. So the artists can focus on their core competence, new networks will find and create projects common in these, which will be presented to a wide audience.

Readers have significant contribution to the success of the Wikipockets. Within the Litogo community the reader decides with targeted what he called interesting and considers advisable. In addition to common functions such as the evaluate and review, Litogo dynamic pricing developed a special algorithm. While readers actively participate in the pricing of E-books and audio-books. In addition, each reader is his personalized copy. In this way, Litogo solves the problem of the illicit transfer and protecting the works against abuse. Our goal is to bring together authors with other artists, to create for the reader mobile available and inexpensive as innovative, contemporary literature is. “, explains certified it specialist Heike Lenk. Litogo offers a variety of opportunities for publishers and literary agents. Litogo creates a limitless pool of talent will be discovered. Publishers and agents find their test market for new ideas, his own works and up-and-coming authors. Read additional details here: New York Museums. We see ourselves as a partner of the publishers and seek cooperation with the publishers and bookstores. It is a series of ideas, the authors, readers, publishers and bookstores more values deliver. Also, we are talking about the age of participation in the literature.