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Your ideal team where there is more questions. What do I need head? Mentor who will always guide my action, or head, which allows me to plan the work. Or maybe I need something in between? Work at all without the guidance of the same complex as "on a short leash", so you should determine in advance for itself for optimal "length". What kind of people I would be most pleased to work? Some people prefer, when each team member knows his role and sings it well. Some people like to change and rotate roles. Someone prefers to work with wiseacres that does not cost anything to solve a crossword puzzle from the Sunday New York Times release a cup of coffee, while others appreciate in my colleagues in the first place friendliness and ability to support, and to a lesser extent sophistication of the mind.

So which team is right for you? What you aspire to? Perhaps finding your dream job, you worked there until retirement, and perhaps having the necessary knowledge and skills, try to realize themselves somewhere else. Some are tired from the hectic pace and demands of global business and go back to a quieter sector of the market. Others are beginning to grieve, if at least once a day did not experience in dealing with crisis situations. What kind of you belong? For your dream job is an opportunity to create something of their own – in programming, graphic design or, for example, in the field of energy? Or maybe you'd like to teach the younger generation, or travel around the world, forging cross-cultural interaction? You dream to win awards for their activities or create a personal brand? Or for you the main thing – every day at 5.57 to get into the train and go home? Finally, how important is for you to pay? Maybe you're happy and other forms of compensation such as free time, an interesting business trip, tuition fees? What is your "good compensation package" for this career stage and how important it is for you? The exact scope Once you have appeared in the minds of the image of the dream, the search begins.

Human Resources Department

If they are directly above offered to meet and discuss new opportunities in their careers, they probably would have given … This technique was successfully tested at FirstMerit Bank in cases where all standard methods have been futile. Union competition Intelligence and Human Resources Department. Regularly held joint meetings of these departments, sharing information and experiences, identifying the best talent in the market. Also conducted "round tables" for HR-managers of the industry in the process which identifies the best recruiters, who are then invited to their team … Take care of your cartridges. Recruiters FirstMerit estimated the actual effectiveness of various sources of information about promising candidates and found that the most productive are the recommendations of top candidates, building a "recruiter network" and building relationships with people who are "centers of influence" in their organizations.

FirstMerit almost refused to publish advertisements in the media, although most banks are widely used such a method. AP say "better to catch a big fish in a hole than to put the network in the shallows." To advertise the vacancies, it is still that put the network on the Mississippi: something you catch in any way, but most of all – a bunch of garbage … (Perhaps, as in the river …) Another high-precision weapons at FirstMerit think straight "cold calls" that result is most often meeting with the candidate for lunch. Hunting in the malls. Recruitment strategy in the sales departments FirstMeritBanka based on the premise that a talented salesman talent in any field of business, and they can and should engage in retail trade and services.


Communicating with the consultant, ask all your questions. Remember that there are no stupid questions, because the process of emigration – a significant step for you and your family. If the questions you get evasive answers, interspersed with assurances that you have nothing to worry about, it occasion guard. Do not try to buy the lowest prices on the services of company registration and obtain residence permit. Find out what goes into the specified value, and that will to pay extra. It happens that unscrupulous brokers do not include the price of their services, many statutory costs, and inform the client of them are already in operation, when he had nowhere to go.

To avoid such surprises, always together with the consultants of the company in which you seek, shall describe all expenditures will encounter in the process of emigration. You must understand that no company can guarantee client receives a visa, since can not have leverage on such an independent structure, as an embassy. The only thing you can and should ensure that – the fact of registration of the firm and correctly assembled a package of documents for Embassy. Also do not forget that in many respects the decision of the visa depends on the results of the interview, which you should be ready. Therefore, if in a conversation with a consultant you hear the phrase: 'We guarantee you Visa! ", you can just hang up, further discussion is useless. Risk of not receiving a visa and there is always you have to pre-warn about it. Before making a final decision, examine all the issues of the business – the emigration. Be prepared for the information to talk with consultants from the intermediary to assess their competence in this matter.

Remember that your invested funds must be equitable quality of services. Luckless business immigrants. An example of the practice … call a client who is in a state of shock and did not know where to turn. Visa has not yet received, and his firm to take the annual report. The company, which recorded the firm, disappeared in an unknown direction. And in the process came to light interesting features – not only did not give the client company the entire list of documents that should have been prepared. So still and clear that the founders of the firm who are registered in one European country, was twice the optimal number, which greatly reduces the chances of obtaining a visa. And most importantly – the founders even did not know! That is to say, unscrupulous middlemen just to gather people and open to all one company. Imagine what problems might arise in the future when needed will be some changes in the constituent documents. You will need to gather all the founders. And how do you do when not even know who these people? Choose a 'opener', which would really make you a window into Europe … Do you want to without delay to obtain a residence in a developed European country and move there to live as a family? Stop your choice on the program 'Emigration to Slovakia'! Source: Case – immigration and education abroad