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There are people who have spent decades working for one company with very little career and there are those who change their work a time or two times a year. But why are the people who make a successful career in relatively short time? Perhaps some simply fear anything or make changes to underestimate themselves, others can be overly contentious or search for 'own' occupation, and some – enough confident and professional personality. But a lot depends on how well chosen areas of activity, position and company. Consequently, what advise do psychologists to find excellent and prestigious job? Optimally, to touch one of those options on which you are actually competitive (even better if an independent person will appreciate, the proof in his lesson). For a successful preference Future studies must first understand ourselves, our own values, personal and professional qualities, the style of life. You should also take into account the mode of operation, the prestige of the organization wages fee. Also good to compare what you enjoy doing, and what you know. Work and its search is essential and crucial step.

In electing the various options will help you: internet-sites, recruitment agencies, trade fairs vacancies, media, etc. Another important source of information – personal acquaintance. In this case, the chance to find the robot is much more than a resource with high competition. After a goal-setting and inspection of the labor market – choice of employers with whom you would prefer to cooperate. It may seem like a list of companies that already are or will soon have a vacancy for the post you are interested. It is well to seek out new ideas for their careers in all areas of life. The more creative you are, the more interesting and colorful you will find work for themselves.


Communicating with the consultant, ask all your questions. Remember that there are no stupid questions, because the process of emigration – a significant step for you and your family. If the questions you get evasive answers, interspersed with assurances that you have nothing to worry about, it occasion guard. Do not try to buy the lowest prices on the services of company registration and obtain residence permit. Find out what goes into the specified value, and that will to pay extra. It happens that unscrupulous brokers do not include the price of their services, many statutory costs, and inform the client of them are already in operation, when he had nowhere to go.

To avoid such surprises, always together with the consultants of the company in which you seek, shall describe all expenditures will encounter in the process of emigration. You must understand that no company can guarantee client receives a visa, since can not have leverage on such an independent structure, as an embassy. The only thing you can and should ensure that – the fact of registration of the firm and correctly assembled a package of documents for Embassy. Also do not forget that in many respects the decision of the visa depends on the results of the interview, which you should be ready. Therefore, if in a conversation with a consultant you hear the phrase: 'We guarantee you Visa! ", you can just hang up, further discussion is useless. Risk of not receiving a visa and there is always you have to pre-warn about it. Before making a final decision, examine all the issues of the business – the emigration. Be prepared for the information to talk with consultants from the intermediary to assess their competence in this matter.

Remember that your invested funds must be equitable quality of services. Luckless business immigrants. An example of the practice … call a client who is in a state of shock and did not know where to turn. Visa has not yet received, and his firm to take the annual report. The company, which recorded the firm, disappeared in an unknown direction. And in the process came to light interesting features – not only did not give the client company the entire list of documents that should have been prepared. So still and clear that the founders of the firm who are registered in one European country, was twice the optimal number, which greatly reduces the chances of obtaining a visa. And most importantly – the founders even did not know! That is to say, unscrupulous middlemen just to gather people and open to all one company. Imagine what problems might arise in the future when needed will be some changes in the constituent documents. You will need to gather all the founders. And how do you do when not even know who these people? Choose a 'opener', which would really make you a window into Europe … Do you want to without delay to obtain a residence in a developed European country and move there to live as a family? Stop your choice on the program 'Emigration to Slovakia'! Source: Case – immigration and education abroad