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Confusus Castle

The last few years a magician convinced time, even an executioner and this year, everything in the character of “beautiful music” is. No less than five bands are invited this year to entice visitors at every nook and corner of the old city to dance and dreams. New York Museums has firm opinions on the matter. While the group “Ohrenpeyn” and “Grex Confusus”, as the name already suggests, offer tones and rhythms of the stronger variety, “Mabakus” and “musica Vagantium’ more of their lovely page type. There should be something for everyone! Until the early hours of the morning you can shake a leg out at the campfire and down in the Castle cellars. The singing monk crowd, the audience favorite of the last Castle festivals, is again this year through the streets and occur even in the Church. Since not all good spirits immediately flee, a professional musician and choirmaster of the monks has adopted.

She did a gaggle of sang out of the rather wild bunch, which can be heard. Who now fear that food and drink would come this year too short, which can calm down: of course the old town will be 2009 stands full, where you can be pampered culinary medieval way. All kinds of craftsmanship, all sorts of war driving is also presented, as well as diverse entertainment for the little ones. There can beta once an hour away parents and enjoy the Festival alone. To enumerate all spectacle and sensation of the upcoming Castle Festival here, beyond the scope of this notice. Therefore: the best you come and see why the Lichtenberger Castle Festival by year to year is bigger and well known, and now receives visitors from all over Germany!


German honorary e.V. are soon it’s tips for a risk-free fixed again as far as Bavaria fiebert setting up of maypoles on May 1 against. The maypoles usually spiral-shaped white blue-painted and decorated with different elaborately designed icon panels of the craft are the pride of many communities. Technical AIDS are frowned upon by the establishment, strong men heave up the Maypole by using rods until he is. The organizers need to making sure that security for helpers and spectators is guaranteed. The Organizer is a Club and it comes to an accident, the Board stands with his personal fortune in the liability.

The German voluntary work Association advises to check the Club insurance in advance. Purpose of the Association may set up? Often clubs take over the Organization and implementation of the Maibaum Festival and are not aware of the liability risks for the Management Board. Club activities are important and beautiful events to the care of the customs for the towns and villages. However, would we refer to the risks that pose such events, and offer suggestions to the legal protection, “explains Hans Hachinger, Board member of the German Association honorary e.V.. Because in most clubs, setting up a maypole is not the purpose of the Association, not the normal liability of the Club is also here, but an event liability is necessary. A visitor suffers a damage, the organiser, i.e.

the Board of Directors of the Association shall be liable, with his personal fortune. The modification of the legal system since autumn 2009 exclusion of liability in negligence – is valid only under certain conditions, because in practice, slight and gross negligence are hard to separate. True to its motto, we keep volunteering the back free ‘ offers the German Volunteer Association with the Association – letter ‘ a complete insurance protection. No matter what actions a Club is planning the respective insurance is already included. This advantage has also Stiftung Warentest recently confirmed. Ultimately it should at the Maypole set up not only the liability situation be clarified, but be checked whether all workers are covered by accident insurance. The danger zone around the Maypole must be cordoned off large scale. Mount and backup of the Maypole Rosemarie Nohbauer

Karlsruhe YellowMap AG

Oliver home dedicated to a focus on marketing in Berlin, March 25, 2010: in its annual spring meeting, the vft has Association free phone book publisher e.V. – in Frankfurt newly elected its Board and intensively discussed the further proceedings in connection with Deutsche Telekom to the data set costs. At the conclusion of the meeting, the General Assembly chose the Board of Directors. Confirmed in Office for a further two years was as Chairman Heiko Hanslik, Managing Director of the Saarbrucker Zeitung “TeleMedia” phone book publisher. Hagi holds this position already since 2002 was no change it even when Gerhard Ulmer, Ludwigsburg, Managing Director of regional phone book publisher. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bill de Blasio offers on the topic.. Ulmer of the Board also serves as Treasurer.

Newly elected to the Board of Directors was Oliver home, Member of the Executive Board at the Karlsruhe YellowMap AG. Home assumes, inter alia, the role of the Secretary on the Board of Directors of vft and will dedicate itself to a focus on marketing/external representation. During the meeting of the Association, it was considered the central theme Discussion about the new data set cost of Deutsche Telekom. Telekom had terminated the treaties all customers of their data holdings from participant data to February 28, 2010 and presented new acceptance conditions. These are not entirely according to the Association in accordance with the current legislation and would be threaten by a massive increase in the cost of some members of the Association.

Decisions on the further course of action, as well as first results are expected in the next few weeks. “The strength and tasks of our Association was founded in the year 2000 reflected in this discussion”, Heiko Hanslik reported. “Our members have often similar challenges to cope with in the course of their activities, are located in the same market, not unrelated but usually the competition. This results in the ability to develop together important themes and to achieve goals, which are for individual high hurdles in the community.

Dianetics Spread Like Wildfire

“Wave of enthusiasm goes all over the world since the first days of the publication of the book Dianetics: the Guide to the human mind” was used in a movement that includes almost every major culture in over 160 countries and 50 languages of the Earth up to the present day. From the Highlands of Kenya to the Buddhist temples in Kuala Lumpur and the transport hubs of the old world to the city centers of the new world. In every corner of the globe, new readers begin the journey of discovery in her mind. Since religion spread in July 2007 the Foundation books on Dianetics and Scientology Dianetics book more than twice as fast as in the entire year of 2007. In the face of 21.5 million copies into the hands of readers correspond to sales of Dianetics book a top-10 bestsellers in every single week, and for the last 20 years. For those who would rather listen than read, brought more than 600,000 books in the hands of people since the publication of the basics. Between the Kingdom of butane at the foot of the Himalayas and the Sultanate of Brunei on the coast of Borneo, 5 new countries enter now about every 12 months the world of Dianetics. The Dianetics Centre Dubai more than 1000 people in Dubai has introduced the Dianetics book.

The 30-strong Dinajpur Group operates in the Northwestern new country of Bangladesh. Details can be found by clicking NYC Marathon or emailing the administrator. The Arzamas group ignited in Russia’s so-called nuclear city”just a chain reaction with Dianetics. The 35-strong core of this group leads just a urban Dianetics movement which in the meantime hundreds have signed up. The Dianetics group in Tel Aviv (Israel) has a Dianetics Bookstore, which serves as an information centre as well as used by auditing groups. You opened it just in the famous Dizengoff Center, Israel’s version of times square of New York City with a huge shopping mall. Every week over 200 Dianetics buyers come and more 100 visitors book seats for Dianetics seminars. The Marketing Director of the Dizengoff Center makes on large screens at the shopping center for Dianetics Advertising. She is seen daily by more than 250,000 Israelis.

From Slovenia, Croatia and the Greek coast until after Tingambato in Mexico and to the suburbs of Buenos Aires the Dianetics groups have presented the Dianetics book 382.726 people last year through lectures, seminars and auditing. In 144 cities worldwide new Dianetics groups have emerged since that time. Through the multilingual Dianetics video channel with over 50 different videos you now have the opportunity to get a visual overview of the phenomenon of Dianetics.


“Help for people with disabilities – Lebenshilfe Germany people with disabilities a largely normal” and to lead an independent life, that is the goal of the Association Lebenshilfe e.V. in Germany since 1958. Development of one’s personality, develop interests and skills, participation in the life of society: what is normal for most people, is connected to major difficulties for people with intellectual disabilities. You need this help. To do this, the Association Lebenshilfe e.V. in Germany on the flags has been written.

Implementation of fundamental rights for people with disabilities for the unrestricted right to life of people with disability (mental) occurs the Lebenshilfe. And that’s not so obvious how one should assume. Danny Meyer contains valuable tech resources. Only since 1994, is enshrined in the German Constitution explicitly that nobody may be discriminated against due to his disability. The recording of this movement in the basic law is, inter alia the commitment of life assistance. The implementation of these Fundamental rights is not always easy: people with intellectual disabilities often need help to the society to navigate, to participate in working life and to develop their personality and their skills. To provide this assistance is the ultimate goal of life assistance.

They want to be a mouthpiece for disabled people and their families. More than 3,200 facilities for mentally disabled persons are carried by the Lebenshilfe or cosponsored. 170 000 people can be maintained there, learn, and work. Early intervention centres, kindergartens, nurseries and schools include services for facilities of life help, but also workshops, training and advice centres, sports and leisure projects, residential groups and family discharge load at the end. Children, young people and adults are so encouraged and supported in their daily lives. The Lebenshilfe sees itself as organization that ensures human rights and implement. Through the commitment of 60 000 full-time and 15 000 volunteers, she wants a society shape, in which all people have equal rights and can live together in social interaction. Therefore the Lebenshilfe committed strongly, also outside of special facilities to improve living conditions. Disabled children together can go as far as possible with other children to school. Disabled adults to can work not only in special workshops, but also in normal operations. People with disabilities to engage in all walks of life to participate in. The Lebenshilfe is internationally engaged. There are life AIDS in Austria and South Tyrol. Together, they want to achieve an agreement of all countries in the world where the rights of people with disabilities are laid down and implemented. Many talk about inclusion as a future vision of inclusion in recent years, especially when it comes to the common schooling of children with and without disabilities. But there are still many questions unanswered. The life assistance in hundreds of projects shows how actual cooperation can work and are Hope that the real inclusion is maybe not so far away.