The Teenager

To begin to determine who bought a toy nesmyshlenomu kid, or matured young man, for what purposes and how much you intend to spend on a toy. Kids suit fairly simple and inexpensive types of radio controlled helicopters, cars and airplanes. Even if your child acts up and pokes his finger in certainly the most expensive and clever toy, but you well you really really want to the child please, try to gently convince him that it is better to buy him a toy cheap. Explain to your child, you should not immediately rush to extremes and buy the most expensive copy of that in the future if he likes, and he learns contact with a radio-controlled model you buy him a toy expensive, with many features. Thus, the interest of the child will be constantly heated. If a child understands that remote control toys for him too complex, or simply bored with a toy to him, he may try to quickly get rid of it (to break), so he bought a new one. In this case, you at least will not be so sad for money spent.

If the toy bought for the teenager, already here and price category, and the complexity of the device will certainly increase. Such models are more delicate, difficult to use and is more like real vehicles. If you buy cheap teen modelku, or some sort of low-quality analog craftsmanship – be prepared, that new toy quickly go to the scrap, or to anything in the pantry for perpetual storage.