Force Jedi Academy

Many of us have played once or play Jedi Academy, and it’s not time to use the power of this wonderful game. I suggest you read my review and assess the abilities of the Force at the Academy. Amazing restaurateur shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. So, all in the ability of the Force Jedi academy can be divided into four categories: Neutral Dark Light Management sword start from the beginning. Neutral Force Push (Force Push). Repulsion goal. Can be used as resistance Force Grip and Force Drain the first level, is also used to pushing all kinds of switches, one level – just repulsion goal back 2 level – the repulsion of multiple targets located in front of a hero; Level 3 – the repulsion of several goals of the hero, and if so knock the enemy into the wall or corner, it will receive damage.

Attraction (sometimes – Thrust) Force (Force Pull). Pull goal. Sometimes it is used to switch rychagov.1 level – pulling one goal, 2 level – pulling multiple targets, and there is a chance to wrest the weapon from the hands of the enemy; Level 3 – same as level 2, but the chance to snatch weapons increases. Opinion (sometimes – feeling) Force (Force Sight). To extend the capabilities of the hero. Copes, if your character to powder brains with Jedi Mind Trick (highlights other players) or if you need to see what is going on behind the nearest stenoy1 level – a demonstration of auras, the usual duration of 2 levels – the same as the duration of the double 3 level – the same length of a triple, a hero and will be able to dodge sniper fire (in the Single Player in addition shows a reserve of health for bots)..

Netbook Asus Eee PC

If you wake up in the morning, you realize that the urgent need to check email, write a few words to a friend, read the news on your favorite information resource, view videos and make a couple of video call a relative, located somewhere in Germany, you know, all this can be done quickly and easily, without even getting out of bed. To do this, buy a netbook! Each notebook is a laptop, but not every laptop is a notebook. The netbook is a kind of laptop-oriented work with office documents and the Internet. If you decide to buy a notebook, then you are most likely, important indicators such as: small size and weight, the ability to connect to the Internet and document management and storage of personal data on an individual device. Netbooks, as a rule, do not stand out particularly powerful because it does not need them and because you buy a netbook is not for games and complex calculations – from netbook required screen big enough to see the documents and wi-fi or other module to connect to the network so that these documents over the Internet to receive and transmit. About the screen, you can say that this is the main advantage of netbook before mobile phone or communicator, which, in fact, perform similar functions. Most popular now, netbooks are 11-inches. Buying today the 11-inch netbook, you almost get the device, comparable to a 12-inch business-class notebooks, which cost several times more expensive notebooks.

Also on offer are beginning to appear, and 12-inch notebooks – the preferred option than their predecessors – the usual notebooks, since consume less energy and therefore longer operate without recharging, besides, they are lighter, and it's not a complete list of their advantages. An excellent example of a modern notebook 12 shki – Netbook Asus Eee PC 1201N. Having bought a netbook 1201N, you get the device to based newfangled videoplatformy Nvidia Ion, which adds power to the netbook game. Major players in the netbook market today – it's Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, and the above-mentioned Asus. Highlight a clear leader does not make sense, since each of the manufacturers from time to time produces something more interesting than the previous models of competitors. However, the claim to be the innovator can Asus. They have not confined themselves to have invented the first netbook from time to time and try to surprise people. The last such great surprise – this netbook convertible Asus T91.