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Spanish Property Buyers

The mountains protect the city from cold air currents from the continent, only allowing the hot African breeze to get to the sandy beaches Marben. Old town is interesting for its monuments and unusual fountains. On the area of Los Naranjos is a building of the City Council, built in 1568 year. Today it is a museum city. Worth a visit as the Church of Santa Maria de Encarnacion (Iglesia de Santa Maria de La Encarnacion) and the Alcazaba, built in 10 century. If you close its natural history tours, visit the park Arola de la repression, where the bonsai museum, or stroll through the Botanical Garden Alameda. Beaches in Marben sand, stretching along the promenade lined with palm trees and flower gardens. In Marben closed protected urbanization on first and second line from the sea side by side with the villas of Hollywood stars, oil tycoons and politicians.

In particular, it is your neighbors will be Joseph Kobzon, Natalia Ionov (glucose) and Ksenia Sobchak. Prices per square meter property Marben is the highest on the coast of Spain, but this is compensated by the excellent climate, infrastructure and elite neighbors. Two-bedroom apartments within walking distance from the sea will cost you between $ 200.00 , and Villa – from 400.000 . Mijas (Mijas) Mijas (Mijas) – a city on the Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol), part of the province of Malaga (Malaga). Occupies an area of 148 m2. The city population is 64,288 people (as of 2007). The Sun in Mijas shines 300 days a year, in conjunction with mild sub-tropical climate makes the city attractive for thousands of tourists from around the world, and for property buyers in Spain.

Loy Kratong Festival

Undoubtedly, the most romantic of all Thai festivals is the feast of Loy Kratong. Tourists traveling the country during the celebrations have a unique opportunity to capture all the features of this festival. He foresaw the night of the 12th full moon, and always falls on November. This year's festival will be held on November 24. For the first time this festival was held in 1863 during the reign of Rama iv. Loy Kratong – a ceremony intended to veneration of the Buddha, asking him flying boats made out of flowers, candles and incense.

"Loy" in Thai means "floating", and "Kratong" – a boat from banana leaves. The candle flame is a sign of respect for Buddha, while the fact of running of the boat means that a person lets go of a ship with all his anger, resentment and other negative character traits. This is sort of a way to cleanse the soul and start a new life. In addition, the majority of Thais dig their Kratong in the name of the spirit of rivers and waterways, Mae Nam, which they believe will bring them good luck. This interpretation of the history of Loy Kratong is associated with the legend of Nang Nopamas, wife founder of Sukkoth, the king Ramkamhaenga. According to legend, Nopamas launched Loy Kratong to appease the Mae Nam and made so that the boat sailed on all channels in the palace and was noticed by her beloved king. King was Nang Nopamas fascinated the rest of his life and he believed that love will be eternal, if a couple in love will send a boat together, and it will float up until out of sight. Loy Kratong Festival celebrations held throughout Thailand, and especially well in , Chiang Mai and on the banks of the Chao River in Bangkok. During this period, e held beauty pageants, beauty is awarded the title "Queen of Nopamas", which further adds to the piquancy Loy Kratong Festival celebrations.