Fagor customer service uses opinion surveys and satisfaction level indicators to check the standards of quality of the service offered to the user. The Fagor customer service puts great attention to the collection of data to have an objective criterion of evaluation that allows you to compare their levels of effectiveness. For this purpose, follows the qualification criteria that marks the standard EFQM. To ensure the representativeness of the data collected, the sample used in the surveys is the largest of all Spain. 2 Types of indicators are used: 1 – direct indicators: are those obtained through surveys.

They analyse the following variables: level of satisfaction of users with the SAT (through 22,000 surveys per year). Level of satisfaction of users with the treatment of their claims (1,300 annual surveys). Level of satisfaction of the distribution with the after-sales service (2,000 annual surveys). 2. Indirect indicators: are those which are obtained at the domestic level in the Organization. For even more opinions, read materials from Jo Natauri. Some of the variables analyzed are: ease in the rapidity of repair service contact.

Breakdown of the stock of spare parts. Mid-term claims resolution. Percentage of notices made to the first. Quality of the repair percentage of alerts resolved without need to visit by the technician.

Federal Government

b) 2007 – the Twitter blows up as a tool that allows the consumers to divulge of fast form commentaries on people, products and services. This and other services as the social nets and blogs endow the consumers with an uneven capacity to become public its impressions and claims on products and companies, what it compels the companies to adopt measured to monitor these canals and to develop solutions to remain itself connected to its customers. It is important to observe that exactly a small regional company can be white of the anger of the consumers whom if they use of these tools in web and that the unfamiliarity or the carelessness will be able to bring serious dissabores for empreendedores.c) 2008 – Enters in vigor Decree 6523 of the Federal Government that regulating the activity of ' ' Call Centers' '. Although to have a long way to cover for the attendance of all the established rules it is possible to observe that it has a movement that aims at to discipline this service, that certainly will suffer mutations important with sights to be next to the desired one for clientes.d) 2009? New victory of consumers, with implantation of Law 12,007, that it annually determines that the rendering Companies of service send, a Declaration certifying that the consumer does not possess relative debits to the previous year. Although to be a simple action, it she is significant, therefore it demonstrates that each day more the companies have commitments with the consumers and its interests. Still in this aspect, in this period alterations in the legislation had occurred that had become the clearer papal briefs of remedy, had modified the form of the companies to present the specifications of its products, had become obligator the presentation of data on the product quality or given service and other actions that had been proposals and defended by associations of consumers and other representative agencies of the society and that they are changing the form of the companies if to relate with consumer.

Moral Siege

Then, importance of the construction of the sort equality is seen it, therefore to minimize the problems faced for the women is factor essential, indispensable and nothing more just to be made. The women, perfeccionistas, fighting, of extreme importance in the society, capable to play pair function, in the familiar environment and the workstation, do not deserve to be included for a discriminatory historical ideology. One is then about a conception problem, of social awareness, where aiming at the common good if she must fight for the construction of the sort equality, and thus, the results will be best and the righter possible ones, giving to the women the had deserved equality, as much in the work environment, as in the social life as a whole. 5,4 Writs of prevention in the Combat to the Moral Siege in the Environment of Work Throughout this quarrel on the results gotten in the research in question, noticed that a greater is enough to have itself perception on the phenomenon of the moral siege, to evidence that the same it generates effect and damages of innumerable orders. The consequences can be observed in the workers, victims of the moral siege, in the private companies and the State, places which the same originate and finish for generating greaters expenditures in diverse sectors, therefore, they bring confirmed damages. In such a way, it is evident that the phenomenon of the moral siege is in general negative, and if the decurrent effect of the same bring risks the health and in accord bigger costs and damages, then nothing more necessary of what fighting it in its origin, and this implies creation of writs of prevention in the work environment that contribute for not manifestation of this practical. As evidenced the form where the moral siege reflects in the organizations, to imagine that such institutions if comovam in favor of the combat to this practical it is easy, since that the same ones have knowledge of the real happened consequences.

Peruvian Law

form part of corporate law and commercial law, leaving evidence that a part of legal persons are studied and regulated by the right of the company or business law or business law and corporate law. The examples serve to have a complete idea of the subject matter of study, in this sense is a corporate amalgamation typical example the merger, while is a typical business deconcentration example excision, putting on record that within each of these there are various types and to be exact, there are two types or classes within each of these institutions. The first that appeared in the Peruvian law was fusion, while Division makes its appearance in the corporate legislation recently in the year 1997, when existing Peruvian from that year, approves the new general law on societies i.e. this law was approved late in the year indicated or referred, by which the corporate legislation has only 11 years of validityHowever, there are abundant studies, which even existed before the 1997 law indicated, therefore, in the Peruvian law divisions were carried out prior to the aforementioned law, which served to solve the existing legislative vacuum within the right positive corporate peruano, however already existed some registration and tax rules governing this topic. I.e., merger and Division are inverse legal figures between if and are almost synonymous with business concentration and deconcentration business.

In this sense corresponds to the right company or business or business right their treatment in a market increasingly more competitive by which if a lawyer does not know them it is clear that remain outdated and out of the market, in this order of ideas matters to corporate lawyers the study of these subjects, by which we will study them to have solid knowledge on the branches of the law indicated. 2. Convenience of business concentration business concentration only has to be carried out when will be suitable for the company or companies, in such a way that if it is not convenient for the same or same, it is recommended not to perform in this case the concentration.